What is M visa in China

What is M visa in China? If you are conversant with China's immigration policies and visa options, you must have heard of the M visa. It is a special visa issued to foreign nationals who want to visit China's commercial and trade activities. It is also issued to competition participants. Also called business visas, holders can enter China with it to visit partners, attend fairs or meet with Suppliers. M visas are valid for three months and may be issued as single or multiple-entry visas. Holders can also stay in China for up to 30 days or more, depending on the visa validity. The ten year M visa has a much longer visit permit.

Is The M Visa a Work Visa?

The M visa or China business visa is not a work visa. Work visas are for those employed in China for active economic activities. M visas, on the other hand, are not for work-related activities but for commercial. In fact, it is an immigration violation to engage in paid work in China on an M visa, and the authorities heavily sanction offenders.

If you have secured employment in China, you should apply for a work visa instead, which permits you to work. A work visa qualifies the holder for a residence permit, while a business visa doesn't.

M Visa Processing Fee

Just as with every visa, there is a processing fee for the Chinese business visa. The amount you pay will depend on whether the visa is a single entry or multiple entry visa, as well as the duration. The average processing fee is $110 but may be higher depending on the currency exchange rate of your country.

Documents Required For An M Visa

Find below a list of documents for the visa application.

Application Form: A signed and completed application form containing all your vital details.

Passport: A copy of your passport bio-data page with a minimum of one blank page. Only passports with a minimum of 6 months are accepted with at least one blank page.

Passport Photo: A passport photo taken on a plain white background with your face looking at the camera and your neck showing clearly. Don't wear spectacles, and avoid wearing any headgear unless for religious purposes.

Proof of Residency: If you are not applying from your home country, you must include proof of residency issued to you by the immigration of the country.

Precious Passport/Visa: If you have a previous visa, you should include it in your application, including the passport. You must submit the original and photocopy of the passport.

Documents of Commercial Activity: Documents of commercial activity from your trade partner or fair or a letter of invitation issued by your host must be included in the application. It must have information about the host, their full name, and address, including your details such as your gender, passport number, and date of birth. It must also state the reason for your visit and the arrival and departure date, including the sponsor of your trip. The letter must be printed on letterhead and signed by the host.

Other Documents: The consulate general may request other supporting documents to verify your identity and your host's identity.

How To Apply For a Chinese M Visa?

You cannot apply for a Chinese visa online, so it must be done in person. Your application must be submitted to the Chinese embassy or an approved visa application service center. Your application form and documents must be submitted at once, including the processing fee.

Important Notice

Chinese business visas are issued solely for business and commercial purposes, and the applicant is responsible for the authenticity of the information and documents provided. 

The Chinese visa center will notify you of an interview if the consulate general requests your presence. They will also notify you of the date to show up and the documents to bring along.

Applicants must appear in-person as an application by proxy is not allowed. It is also important to note that Al embassies have different procedures and consular generals decide about visa applications on a case-by-case basis.

Lastly, working in China on an M visa is a crime. Those caught engaging in any activity that earns them direct payment will be sanctioned through fines, deportation, or jail time in worse-case scenarios. If you wish to work in China, get a work visa instead.

What is M visa in China? It is a visa issued to visitors coming to China for business or other commercial activities. M visas are valid for three months and above and are issued by the Chinese embassy abroad. Visitors must obtain a visa before traveling to China.

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