Visa for China from Bahrain

visa for China from Bahrain is required for Bahrainis who wish to travel to China for whatever legal reasons. China has long been a popular destination for global travelers because of its growing economy and tourist hotspots scattered across the length and breadth of the historic nation. However, anyone interested in entering the country must hold a visa if they are not Chinese citizens or from visa-exempt countries.

Who Needs a China Visa?

Most foreign citizens must obtain a visa to enter China. Only citizens of the following countries may enter China without a visa for the duration of time stated:

Why Do Bahrain Citizens Need Visas?

If you scroll through the list of visa-exempt countries to China, you will find other Gulf countries like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates among them. For this reason, one would think Bahrain is also a visa-exempt country like its Gulf neighbors, but it is not. Bahrain passport holders don't enjoy the same exemption benefits, so they must apply for a visa before entering the country. But if they are transiting through China by air and intend to switch flights at any other airports in the country, they do not need visas to do so. Also, note that travelers to Hong Kong's autonomous region must get a special Hong Kong visa to that effect.

Types of Visa For China From Bahrain

In their section, let us look at the different types of visas to China. In general, four visa categories are further broken down into different subtypes. For the purpose of this article, we review some of them; for more information, applicants should contact the embassy in Manama for other types of visas.

F Visa: This visa is a short-term visa die short visits and exchanges of other noneconomic activities. 

If you are looking for a visa that allows you to enter the country to conduct a quick engagement, this is the one to go for.

M Visa: The M visa is for commercial and reading activities. Being a major producer of finished goods, traders and business persons rely on this visa to enter the country to conduct business.

L Visa: This is a main tourist visa for Bahraini tourists who may wish to enjoy the sights and sounds of the country.

Q1 Visa: Q1 is for Bahraini nationals who are related to permanent residents or Chinese citizens and wish to visit and stay with them for a long time. It is a reunion visa and is meant for visits that exceed 180 days.

Q2 Visa:  This is for foreigners who want to visit family who are either Chinese nationals or permanent residents. The visa is valid for just 180 days.

S1 Visa: This is a visa issued to relatives of foreigners working in China, and it is a long-stay visa that exceeds 180 days.

S2 Visa: This is a shorter version of the S1 Visa with a 180 days validity.

Z Visa: Also called an employment visa, foreigners employed in China or persons performing before an audience and enter the country with it.

G Visa: This visa is issued to travelers transiting through China to a second or third country.

Other visas include G Visa, C visa, X1 visa, X2 visa, R visa, J1 and J2 visa, and the D visa. These visas have their different purposes and requirements, so take you to study them so you can choose the one that is what your need.


How To Apply For A Chinese Visa From Bahrain?


Bahrainis who want to apply for a visa to China must submit their application to the Chinese embassy in Manama. The embassy is the authority responsible for approving applications and issuing visas. They must first identify the type of visa they want before booking an appointment with the embassy. Their application form must be completed and submitted along with their documents during the scheduled visa interview. Only persons who meet these requirements will be issued the visa, besides applicants who are under 14 years old and above 70 years old.


Visa For China From Bahrain Requirements

Here is the visa for China requirements for Bahrain passport holders

  • Valid Bahrani passport with six months validity minimum

  • Fully completed application form

  • Passport photo

  • Proof of legal residency

  • Previous Chinese visas

  • COVID-19 certification

  • Round-trip flight reservation

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Proof of financial sufficiency

  • Visa fee receipt

While these documents are valid, you may need to submit additional documents depending on the type of visa you apply for. During the visa interview, the consular officer will ask you for original copies of these documents, and they must meet the requirements; otherwise, they will be rejected. Persons with valid or incomplete documents will be allowed a visa to China from Bahrain.

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