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China has a long and illustrious history and has lived through the reigns of different dynasties, from the Qins to the Ming dynasties, to mention a few. Located in East Asia, it is the most populous nation on Earth and definitely one of the most industrialized countries. Boasting a population of 1.4 billion, it is the fourth largest country on earth by land area and has existed since the Xia dynasty of 21 BCE. Today, it is officially called the People’s Republic of China and is led by the Chinese Communist Party (CPC).

China has strong diplomatic ties with many nations, including Egypt which it cooperates with economically and militarily. One of the fruits of Communist China’s strong relationship with Egypt is the favorable visa access for Egyptian citizens. This means that Egyptian passport holders who wish to visit China for whatever purpose can do so if they meet the immigration requirements.

Being the world’s fastest-growing economy with an economy worth trillions, China has become a perfect tourist and business destination for Egyptian citizens.

Do Egyptians Need A Visa To Visit China?

Egypt is not on the visa-free list, so citizens with Egyptian passports require a visa to enter China. There are different types of visas available, but how you obtain them differs. For instance, if you want a long-term visa, you must visit the Cairo Chinese consulate to apply for one in person. Visas you can apply for in-person include a work visa or student visa. Those seeking permanent residency in China may also apply for a visa at the Chinese embassy.

The other option open to Egyptian citizens is the online application method.

How To Apply For A China Visa Online?

Egyptian passport holders looking to visit China for a short time don’t need to visit the embassy to obtain a visa. Short term tourist and business visas can be obtained online by doing the following.

  • Visit VisaHQ to access the online application portal

  • Select Egyptian citizenship and China as your destination

  • Enter the type of visa you wish to apply for

  • Complete the form by filling in all the fields. Leave none blank

  • Attach all the required documents

  • Pay the visa fee using a debit or credit card

  • Submit the form and wait for the approval.

Make sure you only submit valid documents and information so your application will not be rejected. If approved, the Online Visa will be mailed to the email address you provided in the application form. You must print it out and bring it when traveling to China.

China Tourist Visa Requirements For Egyptians

When filling out the visa application form on VisaHQ, these are the documents you must provide as well as the China visa requirements.

Completed Application Form: The online application form must be duly completed with valid information. Make sure you, not a third party, also sign the form. Also ensure the the visa details are valid.

Valid Passport: You need a valid Egyptian passport that will not expire for at least 6 months from the day you enter Egypt. The original passport must have two blank visa pages for immigration stamps. For online applications, scan and upload the bio page of the passport.

Passport Photograph: Two colored passport photos must be provided on a white background. Photo upload of the current passport must meet the required specifications; otherwise, they will be rejected.

Bank Statement: A bank statement showing entries over the last three months. The account must contain the required minimum balance and show a steady income stream.

Travel Insurance: You must have active travel insurance to cover your medical needs during your stay in the country. The insurance policy should cover your stay in the country.

Proof of Accommodation: You must provide proof of accommodation in China, where you will stay during your visit. For hotels, submit hotel reservation information. If you will live with a friend, provide their contact address.

Return ticket: A copy of your return flight reservation to Egypt after your trip is concluded.

Travel Itinerary: Information about your travel Itinerary, such as your arrival and departure date as well as the places you plan to visit.

Applicants are advised to only provide valid email addresses that they can access. This email will be used for correspondence and will also be used to receive their online visas.

Furthermore, Egyptian visitors are advised to carry their passports anytime they are outdoors in case Chinese Immigration interrogates them. Lastly, it is illegal to engage in illegal activities, seek employment, or engage in paid work in China if you do not hold a work visa. Visitors are advised to be law abiding at all times and never to overstay beyond the time given to them, as shown in their visas.

If you want a tourist visa to China, kindly visit VisaHQ to fill out the application form.

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