China visa from Pakistan

China visa from Pakistan is available to nationals from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan who wish to visit China for a short or long-term visit. Both countries share a friendly diplomatic relationship, so their citizens can travel to the other country for multiple reasons. Also, Pakistanis who hold diplomatic passports can visit China visa-free for up to 30 days or stay in Hong Kong for up to 14 days per visit. The 14-day Chinese visa-free visit is also extended to Macau too.  

Official passport holders can also visit Mainland China for 30 days and Hong Kong for 14 days without a visa. The visit's main purpose is to determine whether a visa is required for a short stay.

Types of China Visa From Pakistan

The Chinese government has different visas for foreign nationals, including Pakistanis at the Chinese embassy, such as the following.

Visa C: This visa is for crew members of foreign transport companies such as airlines, trains, and ships or even bus and truck drivers who bring passengers and cargo across the Chinese border. It can also be issued to family members accompanying crew members to China. The applicant must present an invitation letter issued by the employer.

Visa D: Also called a permanent resident visa, it is issued to those with the intention to stay in the country permanently. This visa confers many other benefits to the holder, like the ability to work.

Visa F: Visa F is a flexible visa for tours, short-term study, exchanges, visits, and any other social activity. It is valid for 6 months to 1 year.

Visa G: The visa G is a Transit visa for travelers planning to make brief stops in China. Holders can stay in the country for up to 2 days before they leave. You don't need a Transit visa if you don't leave the airport while waiting for a connecting flight.

J1: Also called a journalist visa, the J1 visa is for foreign journalists working for a foreign media organization in China. Holders can stay in China for more than 180 days.

J2: This is the same as the J1 visa, but journalists with the J1 visa cannot stay in China for more than 180 days.

Visa L: This is the tourist visa of the Chinese government issued to fun seekers, tourists, and those coming to spend their holidays in the country.

Visa M: This is a business visa for those visiting to engage in commerce and other trading activities.

Visa Q1: This one is issued to family members of citizens or foreigners who are permanent residents. Holders can reunite with their families in China and stay for more than 180 days. 

Under China law, family member refers to people who are sons, daughters, grandparents, grandsons, sisters, brothers, parents, and inlaws.

Visa Q2: This visa is like the Q1 visa, but the holder cannot stay in China for more than 180 days.

Visa R: This is the talent visa issued to foreigners who are exceptionally talented and possess skills in short supply in China

Visa S1: This visa is for those who may want to visit their family member studying or working in China for more than 180 days.

Visa S2: The same as the S1 visa, holders cannot stay for more than 180 days.

There are other types of visas, like the work visa and the study visa, just to mention a few. As a Pakistan passport holder, you can apply for any of them if you meet the requirements.

Documents Required For A China Visa

Since there are different visas for foreigners, it is understandable that the documents required to apply for them will also be different. However, here are some basic documents all applicants must submit for review regardless of the passport they apply for.

Application form: The applicant must fill out and sign the visa application form in block letters, and all details must be accurate.

Passport: A passport valid for at least 6 months is required. The passport must have at least one blank page left for visa stamps. Applicants must submit a copy of the bio page.

Photograph: A clear passport photograph showing their full face and head against a white background.

Proof of legal stay: Pakistanis applying for a visa from Pakistan must provide proof of legal stay using a government-issued ID card.

Proof of fund: A statement of account showing the sufficient balance to cover your expenses.

Proof of Accommodation: A copy of the hotel reservation or house address where you will stay in China

How To Apply For A Visa Online

Pakistan passport holders can apply for short-term visas online via VisaHQ by doing the following

  • Visit VisaHQ

  • Select China as your destination

  • Select Pakistan as your citizenship

  • Choose the visa you want

  • Complete the application form

  • Include your travel document by attaching them

  • Pay the visa service fee

  • Submit for approval

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