Visa for China from UK

Are you living in the UK and have plans to visit mainland China? Or do you want to go to China for business or work? Before you plan your visit to this country for any reason, you must know the permit and visa requirements.

This article has provided details about the different visas for a visit to China for different reasons and their requirements for UK nationals. Moreover, you can know more about the visa process.

Do UK Citizens Require a Visa for China?

Yes, UK citizens will need to obtain a visa to visit China. There are different visa types offered by the Chinese embassy that you may need. However, you might not require a transit visa.

What are the Different Types of Visas Offered in China?

Tourist Visa

If you are a tourist, you will need this visa type. You can also obtain this visa if you visit an immediate family member. Apart from the general requirements, you must provide proof of hotel reservations. If you are visiting family members or friends, you must show a personal invitation letter stating the visit and exit dates.

This letter will also require the details of the host, such as their details and their national ID, and if they are not Chinese citizens, you have to provide proof of residence permit.

This visa is available for multiple entries with a maximum validity of up to 2 years and is processed within 3-4 days.

Business Visa

This visa is for foreign nationals visiting the People's Republic of China for business hours and meetings. You will be required to fill out the business visa applications and provide your business invitation letter from the organization with all details of yourself and the reason for your visit. The invitation letter should also contain details of how your trip is being financed, destinations to visit, etc.

The business visa is available for multiple entries with maximum 2-year validity with a maximum 90-day stay per visit.

Group E-Visa

This visa facilitates those traveling in a group of two or more travelers. The exit and entry of the travelers must be at the same time.

You will have to provide details of your hotel reservation, flight itinerary, etc. Moreover, these visa applications are accepted for entry at certain airports only.

This visa is valid for single entry for up to a single month only, and the processing time is between 3-4 days.

Crew Visa

This visa is for the crew of an airline or shipping company. You will have to submit a crew letter, crew ID, and a supplementary form for all those that do not have a UK passport.

Student Visa

A student visa is for those visiting China for educational purposes. Apart from filling out the student visa application, you will need a letter of admission to any educational institute in China, a supplementary form, and proof of status.

This visa is valid for 2 years, and you can enter China multiple times.

Work Visa

A work permit is for those who have secured a job in China. After filling out the work visa application, you need to submit a permit for foreign affairs and an invitation letter, among other things. You might require a notification letter too. The notification letter will make it easier for you to acquire the visa.

This is a multiple-entry visa with a validity of 2 years.

Transit Visa

Transit Visa is not needed for UK citizens. However, you must submit fingerprints and a negative covid report. Therefore, you can transit to a third country without much hassle.

Residence Permit (Visa)

This visa is for those who wish to live in China. The residence visa is valid for 6 months and is processed in 4 weeks. However, currently, the Chinese embassy is not processing this visa.

Journalist Visa

This visa is for journalists who travel to China. It is valid for 2 years, and among other documents, such as the journalist visa application, you need a journalist notification form issued by the Chinese authorities.

What are the Requirements for a Chinese Visa as a UK Citizen?

The general requirements for any Chinese visa include providing your fingerprints. Without fingerprints, your China visa application will not be approved.

Moreover, applicants will have to fill out the China visa online application form for each type of visa. There are additional documents that applicants will need to submit. As foreign nationals, UK citizens will have to provide their original passport, which is signed and should have a validity of six months.

The following documents are important. Applicants need to provide their travel itinerary and passport picture. Importantly, you also have to provide a copy of the PU letter, which the provincial foreign affairs office will issue. Sometimes, the Chinese government defers the invitation or PU letter. Moreover, you must submit both original passports if you have dual nationality.

Applicants have to provide their report for the negative test result of Covid. Only then will applicants receive the health declaration form from the Chinese Embassy. Minors must provide a birth certificate and copies of their parent's passports. If you have applied for a Chinese visa before, provide a previous copy. And if you cannot acquire the previous visa, provide a personal statement.

How to Apply For the Visa Application Online?

To apply for a Chinese visa as a United Kingdom citizen, you can visit VisaHQ. The site has further information on the different visas offered and the requirements that need to be fulfilled for each. They also update their site if there are any further changes by the Chinese embassy in their visa process.

At VisaHQ, you can complete the application process online in no time and obtain your visa successfully! You can visit VisaHQ for further details.

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