Double entry visa China

Have you heard of the double entry visa China? This is one of the many visas the Chinese government offers to visitors coming to China. When applying for a visa, the number of entries allowed is very important, as visa fees are largely influenced by usage and type. Most visas are single-entry visas for one-time travelers, but if you have a reason to visit China several times a year, a single-entry visa will not be the best option. It is commonly for visiting family members or to conduct business.

Imagine if you had to approach the embassy in your home country every few weeks or months that you had to travel to China. You will spend much on application fees aside from the stress and waiting times. However, if you have a double entry valid Chinese visa, you will move forward with your travel plans instead of visiting the embassy for a second time.

What Is A Double Entry Visa China?

As the name implies, this visa allows the traveler to enter China twice before it expires so it is different from multiple entry visas.

This means you can travel to China, leave, and return before it expires. The caveat to this visa has to be understood, though; for instance, if you were issued a 1-year visa and you visit China twice within six months, although the visa may still have six more months to go, your second visit will render it invalid since you have used up the entry slots attached to it.

Should you choose to return to China again, you must apply for a fresh China visa. This visa is ideal for those who want to visit China twice at short intervals and is a time-saving and convenient option for travelers.

Single Entry Vs. Double Entry vs. Multiple Entry Visa

So how do you know which visa you are applying for?

If you see yourself visiting China only once in a long time, you can apply for a single entry visa. For two trips within the space of a few weeks or months, a double-entry visa will be a convenient option. However, a multi entry visa is an option for frequent visits to China within a calendar year.

Documents For A Double Entry Visa

The visa type will determine which document you go for, but these are the basic documents for all applicants.

Completed Form: A duly completed and signed visa application form is required for the visa. All sections in the form must be filled with correct details, and make sure you mark “double entry” as the visa of choice.

Passport: A passport with a minimum validity of 6 months. The passport must also have at least two blank pages.

ID Card: A government-issued ID card, such as a Driver’s license, must be valid.

Invitation Letter: This is an optional document for those invited by a host to China. The letter must show the name of the host and the applicant and must clearly explain the purpose of the trip.

PU Letter: A vital letter signed and stamped by the Local Government authorities in China authorizing the visa issuing.

Round Trip Tickets: Ticket reservation for the round trip to and from China.

When applying for a visa, the embassy wants to ensure you have every intention of returning home after your trip, so they will request a travel Itinerary showing your plans, such as the date of arrival and departure, including the places of interest you intend to visit. Remember that the dates in your itinerary must correspond with the date on your ticket reservation.

Secondly, it is much easier to apply for a visa from your home country than from a different country though this option remains open to applicants. Ensure that you apply for the right visa in line with your travel plans. If you are visiting for business, apply for a business visa; for tourism, apply for a tourist visa, etc.

Processing Fees

The processing fee for a double-entry visa varies. Depending on your nationality, validity, and visa type, you may need to pay between $80 - $170 for the visa.

Special Notice

A double-entry visa cannot be used more than twice within the validity period. Always be mindful of the expiration date and the maximum number of days allowed. Do not overstay in the country, as that will draw sanctions from the authorities. To avoid overstaying, set a reminder on your phone as soon as you touch down in the country, so you know when the time is right to depart.

double entry visa China allows visitors to visit China twice with the same document and is valid for 3-6 months or longer.

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