China visa for Indians

Indian citizens who wish to visit China nation can do so if they have a China visa for Indians. Traveling to China doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you have a visa. The Chinese visa application process is easy and straightforward, and you can obtain a tourist visa at short notice. This page contains information about the China visa for Indians. Keep reading to learn more.

Do Indian Citizens Need A Visa To Visit China?

China and India may be next-door neighbors, but Indian citizens need visas to enter China. This is because India is not on the visa free list of China. There are different visas Indians may apply for, and only after they obtain it will they be allowed to visit the country.

Eligibility For China Visa For Indians

To qualify for this visa, you must pass the following essential criteria.

Indian Citizen: You must be an Indian citizen with the document to prove it. Those who are not Indian citizens do not qualify for this visa.

For Business/Tourism: This visa is solely for those who wish to visit China for tourism or business. If you wish to apply for a work visa to will have to apply to the Chinese embassy in India for such a visa.

Travel Insurance: All Chinese citizens are required to have active travel insurance coverage. The insurance must be issued by a reputable Insurance company recognized by the Chinese government.

How To Apply For A Chinese Tourist Visa?

The application process is quite easy by doing the following.

  • Visit VisaHQ website.

  • Select Indian citizenship and China as your destination

  • Complete the application form with valid documents

  • Select a Tourism/Business Visa as your preferred visa of choice

  • Scan and upload all relevant documents

  • Pay the China visa fees and submit the form for processing.

Successful applicants can travel to China and stay for up to 30 days or 90 days, depending on the visa they get. Furthermore, visas are valid for 180 days and may be single entry or multiple entry visas.

Documents And Basic Requirements For China Tourist Visa For Indians

When filling out the visa application form on VisaHQ, the following documents are required; otherwise, you will not be able to submit the form. They are as follows.

Passport: Applicants must submit a valid Indian passport. The passport must be valid for 1 year if it is a 6 months visa and 1 year if it is an 18 months visa. Furthermore, passports should have at least 2 blank pages for immigration officers to affix their stamps.

Application Form: The application form must be typed, not filled out by hand. Simply download the form and fill it out online. You can print it out after filling and submitting it Online.

Photograph: 2 recent passport photographs showing nothing less than 80% of your face. The photo must be uploaded in dimensions of 48mm x 35mm with a head height of 15mm x 22mm. Also, note that the photograph must be colored and on a white background.

Cover Letter: If a Chinese resident or citizen invites you, you must present a cover letter showing the purpose of your visit and the contact information of the person or organization inviting you. For organizational invites, the letter must typed on the company’s letterhead detailing the places you plan to visit.

Return Ticket: A confirmed return ticket must be provided along with the airline stamp. You can scan and upload the ticket for review.

Proof of funds: The authorities will like to know whether you have what it takes to find your expenses while in China. Proof of funds is required by uploading a copy of your bank statement covering the last half a year. The bank statement must have a minimum balance with the authorized seal of the bank.

Hotel Confirmation: Hotel confirmation is also required. Scan and upload a copy of your hotel reservation.

Itinerary: Detailed information about your travel Itinerary showing the places you up will visit and the times.

 Credit or Cebit Card: You will need a credit or debit card to pay the China visa for Indians fees. Only applicants who have paid the course visa fee can submit the fom.

Visa Processing Time

After completing and submitting the visa application form on VisaHQ, the visa will take between 3-5 working days to be processed. If your application is approved, the visa will be sent to your registered email address. Please print it out and bring a copy with you for your trip to the Chinese city.

Completing the China visa for Indians online is easy. Visit VisaHQ to access and fill out the application form in under 30 minutes, then submit it alongside your documents for approval.

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