China visa for Sweden

China visa Sweden is for Swedish citizens who wish to travel to the Peoples' Republic of China for one reason or the other. Many Swedes who dream of seeing something different from what European civilization offers may visit China at the other end of the world if they have a visa.

Do Swedish Citizens Require a Visa To Visit China?

Citizens of Sweden require a visa before they can enter the People's Republic of China. Sweden is not on the visa-free list, so applying for and obtaining a visa is necessary before you travel to China.

China At A Glance

China is regarded as a big country for many reasons. It is among the top ten largest countries by land mass and is the most populated nation on earth, with a population of 1.4 billion. China is the second-largest economy and also the fastest-growing economy in the world, with projections that it is set to become the largest economy on the planet in a few years.

The country's thriving tourism industry attracts tourists from different parts of the world, including Europeans looking for an adventure and something new. Should you choose to visit China, your mind will be blown away by the culture shock as things are remarkably different here compared to what you are used to in Sweden. The great Walls of China, the Forbidden City, the numerous temples, and the Great Walls of China are some of the numerous tourist hotspots you will enjoy. The coastal states in the South have lovely beaches where you can relax and have fun, particularly during the summer months.

As for economic activities, China is a business destination and an emerging market for investors. It is also the largest consumer goods manufacturer in the world, with hundreds and thousands of manufacturing and assembly plants.

China Visa For Swedes

So, what type of Chinese visas can Swedes apply for? Let's look at a few of them.

Tourist Visa: This is the most popular visa Swedish citizens apply for. The visa I'd valid for 180 days can be obtained at short notice. You can stay in China for as long as 90 days and visit any city.

Business Visa: This is for Swedish citizens coming to China on business. It is a short-term visa with the same validity as a tourist visa.

Work Visa: Those who have secured employment in China can apply for this visa to work legally in China. A residency permit will be issued to them when they arrive in China.

These are some of the visas Swedish citizens can apply for.

China Visa Requirements

The documents required will depend on the visa you are applying for, but we review the basic documents all applicants must submit.

Form: A Visa application form must be filled out and signed by you. Ensure that you only provide valid information so your application will not be denied.

Passport: A Sweden passport valid for nothing less than 6 months. The passport must have two blank pages.

Photograph: A passport-style photograph taken not later than 6 months prior. The passport must meet the size requirements of the Chinese immigrant authority.

Application Fee: There is an application fee for all visas. This fee may be paid with a credit or debit card; however, if you are dealing with the embassy in Stockholm, you may need to pay the fee using a different medium.

Itinerary: A copy of your round-trip air ticket showing the arrival and departure dates.

ID Card: A driver's license or any other government-issued ID card. Only valid IDs are accepted.

Invitation: If a host has invited you, you must attach the invitation letter sent to you. The letter must be stamped by the local government authorities in China.

Previous Visa. Those who have obtained a Chinese visa before may attach it to their application for review.

Other supporting documents may be required, but those listed above are the basic ones.

How To Apply For A China Visa?

Swedish citizens may approach the consulate general at the Chinese embassy in Stockholm to submit their applications. This method is the only acceptable method for long-term visas like work visas. However, for short-term tourist or business visas, you may apply online via VisaHQ. Here are the steps to take

  • Log onto VisaHQ

  • Select China as your destination

  • Select Sweden as your citizenship

  • Choose the visa you want

  • Fill Out the form

  • Scan and upload the required documents

  • Pay the visa fee with a bank card

  • Submit for approval

Applying for a China visa to Sweden online is a simple method for tourism, but for long-term visits, contact the Chinese embassy in Stockholm.

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