China visa for US citizens

Visiting the People's republic of China requires you to obtain a visa.

Different China visas have different requirements. This article has stated all the different types of China visas the Chinese embassy offers US citizens and the required documents to apply for this visa for foreign nationals.

Do US citizens need a Chinese Visa To Visit China?

Yes, US citizens require a China visa to visit China. Different types of visas are available depending on why you want to go to China.

What are the Different Visa Types Available?

There are more than 10 types of visas available for US citizens. They are as follows:

Tourist Visa (l)

A tourist visa is a multiple entry visa with a maximum validity of 10 years. The processing time for the tourist visa is between 10 days and 2 weeks.

You will need to submit your tourist invitation letter, previous China visa, or a letter to the Consulate which tells where you received your previous visa and a PU letter. The tourist visa invite requirement can contain a round-trip airline ticket copy, airline confirmation, and a proper itinerary.

Business Visa (m)

Acquire this China visa if you travel to mainland China for any conference, university lecture, seminar, or non-profit event.

A nonbusiness visit visa is also provided for the same reason as a business visa.

This is a single entry visa and remains valid for 90 days with a processing time of 10 to 15 days.

You will need the business invitation letter addressed to the Consulate of China. It should contain the company letterhead indicating the reason for your visit and the business being conducted, the dates of your visit, and where the funds for the stay come from.

You will also need proof of status, which is a notarized letter. You will also need a business support letter if you work for any NGO and have previous visas.

Crew Visa (c)

This is a visa for the crew of airlines and ships. You will need a crew ID and crew letter as additional documents.

Group E-Visa

This visa is for single entry, which is applicable for two or more individuals who enter China through Hongqiao or Shanghai Pudong airport. With a group visa, all members need to enter China and exit at the same time. Apart from the basic other documents, you must submit proof of accommodation.

Journalist Visa (j)

Applicants who want to come to China for reporting purposes should get a journalist visa.

You should have a notarized copy of the green card showing proof of your US legal status. You need residency status proof and a visa notification letter from the ministry of foreign affairs in China.

Private Visa (s)

A private visa is for those applicants who wish to visit their family or friends.

Applicants must provide proof of kinship, a personal invitation letter, etc. This is a single entry visa valid for 90 days.

Talent Visa (r)

The talent visa applies to those applicants who have a skill that is needed in China.

You should have an invite, a PU letter, and a foreign expert certificate from the Chinese government.

Work Visa (z)

You must opt for a work visa if you start working in China with any organization. To obtain this requested visa, you will need a work permit and a business support letter stating the nature of your work.

This is a single entry visa valid for 90 days with a processing time of up to 15 days.

Transit Visa

This visa is required until and unless you have confirmed an airline reservation ticket in 24 hours for a third country.

Student Visa (x)

You must get a student visa if you wish to study in China. For this visa, the applicant should have an enrollment letter from the school they have signed up in.

This valid visa is provided for 365 days and a year.

What are the Visa Requirements for China?

Each visa type may have different requirements. However, some visa requirements remain the same despite your type of visa.

This includes having the original passport, filling out the China visa application form accurately, having a valid passport picture and travel itinerary, and airline confirmation.

Moreover, American passport holders should ensure that the validity of the passport is six months and has two blank visa pages.

Furthermore, you will need a covid-19 vaccination certificate; otherwise, the Chinese government has the right not to allow you in. A 30-day travel history is also needed, so you should have a travel record form included.

For some visas, you may need a driver's license too. And for minors birth certificate is required. It would be best if you also remembered that you might have to pay more visa fees for the visa request to be approved quickly for urgent visa applications.

How To Fill the Visa Application Form Online?

To complete the Chinese visa application form online super easily, you can go to VisaHQ. On this site, the visa process is easy and hassle-free.

The site also gives further details about the different visa types and their visa requirements. You need to go on the site and enter your citizenship and where you want to go and get all the necessary details. We hope you can find the visa for the purpose you are visiting China!

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