China visa in Surabaya

Indonesia may be one of the most beautiful countries on earth, with unique flora and fauna not found in any other region. However, many Indonesians still like to explore other countries to gain new experiences. If you are an adventurous individual, someone with business engagements, or a family member in China, you may apply for a China visa in Surabaya. The Chinese consulate in Surabaya issues visas to individuals who can meet their requirements if they wish to visit China.

There is currently a small community of Indonesians living and working in China. Perhaps, you have family or friends who are either citizens or permanent residents in the country; or maybe you have suppliers there or an upcoming event you plan to attend. You can avail of a visa now.

China At A Glance

China is the most populous country in the world, with a large 1.4 billion population. It shares borders with India and Cambodia to the South, Vietnam to the west, and Nepal and Mongolia to the north. It. The country is a large exporter of Industrial and consumer goods. The tourism industry is not the largest revenue generator, but it is very advanced and attracts millions of visitors annually. There are amazing spots in the country, including several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, of which the Great Wall of China is one of them.

Visitors to the big cities will be amazed by their largeness and populations. There are cities with up to 20 million inhabitants. Based on statistics, China has the largest cities in the world, boasting bars, pubs, luxury hotels, and any social element that makes a city truly great. Shanghai is the country's commercial capital, but there are many other bubs like Nanjing and Guangzhou where factories, assembly lines, and warehouses are located.

Being the fastest growing and second largest economy in the world, China is a global commercial center drawing in millions of visitors every year.

Do Indonesians Need A Visa To Enter China?

Indonesians don't enjoy visa-free status (most foreigners do not), so they must obtain a visa before they can board a flight to China. The visa you hold is what determines how long you can stay in the country.

China Visa Surabaya Documents

Completed Application Form: All Indonesians must complete the visa application form. The form must contain accurate information and be duly signed by the applicant.

Passport: An Indonesian passport is required. Only valid passports with a minimum of 6 months are valid for Indonesian visitors. The passport must also have at least one blank page.

ID Card: An original and valid ID is required. The first and back of the passport must be captured and attached to the application form.

Passport Photograph: A recent passport photograph with 48mm x 33mm dimensions. Your face, head, and neck must be visible. Avoid wearing headgear and spectacles.

Travel itinerary: Details about the arrival and departure dates, including places of interest you plan to visit.

Proof of Accommodation: A hotel reservation or house Address in China

Proof of funds: A signed bank statement of account showing enough balance to cover your expenses.

Previous Visa: If you have been issued a visa in the past, include it in the other documents.

How To Apply For China Visa Surabaya?

You must visit the Chinese embassy in Surabaya to submit your application form and documents to the Indonesian Chinese consulate general. After this stage, you must book an appointment with the consular general. During the interview, the visa officer will review original copies of your documents, and you will be asked to provide details about your trip. After a few weeks, you will be notified regarding the status of your application. If successful, you will be invited to the embassy to pick up your visa.

Ensure you only provide valid documents and accurate information during the application process so your request will not be denied.

Online Application

On the other hand, if you want to apply for a short visit visa or a tourist visa, you may not need to approach the Chinese consulate in Surabaya; the only thing you need to do is to submit your documents online and get the visa in your email inbox once it is approved. VisaHQ is a reputable platform for applying for Chinese visas online. Just do the following

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Select China as your destination

  • Select Indonesia as your citizenship

  • Select the visa you want

  • Fill out the application form

  • Attach your travel documents

  • Pay the visa fee

  • Submit for approval

In just these few steps, you can complete your China visa Surabaya. If your application is accepted, the visa will be sent to your registered email. Please print it out and travel to China with it.

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