China visa in NYC

Americans who live in New York and want to visit China must acquire a China visa before they plan their trip.

One might have to go to China for different reasons, and if you need to go to China, depending on the type of visit, you must get a particular visa.

This article will brief you about all the different types of visas US citizens living in NYC can get and the requirements!

What are the Different Types of Visas?

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is required when you want to visit China for the sole purpose of tourism.

It is a multiple entry visa with a validity of 10 years and a processing time of 3 to 4 weeks.

Business Visa

A business visa is required when traveling to China to attend business meetings, conferences, etc.

It is a single entry visa valid for up to 90 days and has a processing time of 3 to 4 weeks.

Crew Visa

The crew visa is for those who work in either the airlines or ships in the US.

It is a multiple entry visa which allows a maximum of 10 days stay. This visa has a maximum validity of 5 years.

Group E-Visa

For a group e-visa, you do need a biometric appointment. Moreover, it is a type of tourist visa.

This is for single entry, validates for a month, and will be processed within six days.

Journalist Visa

A journalist visa is for journalists who wish to report in China. It is a single entry visa which allows individuals to stay in China for 15 days and has a validity of 30 days. Moreover, the visa will be acquired in 3 to 4 weeks.

Non-Business Visit Visa

This visa is needed if you are travelling to China for any non-profit activity, seminar or lecture at a University. This is a double entry visa through which you can stay for 30 days at once. Moreover, the validity is for 180 days.

Private Visa

The private visa is issued to spouses, children, and parents of those working or studying in China.

This is also a single entry visa with a validity of 90 days.

Talent Visa

A talent visa is given to skilled individuals or those with a certain talent required by the Chinese government.

This is a multiple entry visa with a validity of 10 years.

Work Visa

The work visa is issued to those who want to be employed in China and have work opportunities. A work visa is a single entry visa with a validity of 90 days.

Student Visa

If you want to visit China to study, be enrolled in any college or university, or pursue any higher education, you must get a student visa. This program duration of the student visa allows an individual to stay in China for 365 days and the visa validity is also a year.

What are the Required Documents Needed for the Visa?

Depending on the type of visa, the requirements for the documents differ.

However, many documents are needed as a standard regardless of the type of visa.

You will need to submit your original passports. The passport should be valid for at least six months from departure from China. You must properly fill out the visa application form. You also have to submit a passport photo. The photo should be clear.

Other documents include submitting your itinerary. You can provide proof of accommodation and flight tickets. Additionally, you should submit that if you have a previous visa too. However, if you do not have your previous visa, you should write a letter to the Chinese consulate general describing why you lost your previous visa.

Supporting documents depend on the type of visa. For example, you may need a tourist invitation if somebody has invited you. If you are going for business-related activities, you may need a business support letter and a business invitation.

You may need to provide a crew ID and letter for the crew visa.

For the journalist visa, you may be asked for the PU letter and your proof of residency from whichever country you are in.

How to Apply for a China Visa?

If you wish to apply for a Chinese visa, you can visit thel Chinese embassy or the Consulate general. Moreover, if you do not want to go through the hassle of visiting the embassy, you can apply through third-party services too. One such service is VisaHQ. Through the visa website of VisaHQ, you can complete your visa application, gather all the documents and mail them, provide all necessary information, and apply for the visa. You will then be required to wait for the visa to be processed and receive it!

VisaHQ will professionally guide applicants and offer assistance when needed.

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