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Are you an Indian national with plans to travel to China? Despite the sour diplomatic relations between both countries, you can still travel to China and be safe while staying in the Eastern nation. However, you must first lay hold on a visa first issued by the Chinese government. With a visa, you can enter the country and stay for as long as the visa permits. When applying for a visa, you need to prepare your mind for the China visa fees Mumbai that you will have to pay for document processing. This fee is payable to the Chinese consulate in Mumbai, and it is non-refundable. Besides the visa fee, here is other information you need to know.

Types of Chinese Visas For Indians

Tourist Visa: This visa is for Indian tourists who wish to visit China at any time of the year. During the Chinese Lunar year celebration, millions of visitors visit to enjoy the festivities, including Indians. Besides the festivals, there are many tourist sites in the country that are historical and cultural. The provinces in the coastal south have luxury beaches and resorts.

Business Visa: Another popular visa for Indians is the business visa. Holders can visit China with this visa to engage in commercial activities. Being the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturer, the business visa is the most subscribed visa as buyers import different items from the country to their respective countries.

Study Visa: Indian students looking to study in any of China’s institutions need a study visa. 

This visa may be short- or long-term, but the applicant must have secured admission into the school before applying for the visa.

Crew member visa: Also called visa C, this visa is for Indian crew members of ships, airlines, or land transport companies that bring cargo and passengers into China. It applies to all types of transport and logistics companies.

Transit Visa: Indians passing through China to other countries may apply for a transit visa. It is valid for three days.

Foreign Journalist Visa: This is for journalists working in China for a foreign Media organization. There are two types of foreign journalists visas: one allows the holder to stay for less than 180 days, while the other allows for a longer stay of more than 180 days.

There are many more visas that Indians can apply for, but these are some popular options for visitors.

China Visa Fees Mumbai

Applicants in Mumbai must pay a visa application fee for any visa they apply for. Visa fees vary depending on the type of visa, but here are some general fees.

  • Single entry visa – INR 3,900

  • Double entry visa – INR 5,850

  • Multiple entry visa (6 months) – INR 7,800

  • Multiple entry visa (1 year) – INR 11,700

  • Group visa – INR 2,400

Note that applicants may need to pay an additional RS. 1800 if they want an expedited service to collect their visa by the next working day. Also, the fees quoted above are subject to change.


China Visa Requirements


Here are the visa requirements for all Indian applicants

Form: A duly completed application form showing the applicant’s details must be submitted for review. The form should also be signed.

Passport: An Indian passport is valid for at least 6 months and must have at least one blank page. Passports that expire in less than 6 months will not be accepted.

Proof of Legal Stay: 

There is a provision for applicants who are not Indians to apply for a visa from India, but they must prove that they have legal residency in India by showing a valid Indian residence permit.

Previous Visa: Applicants who have been issued Chinese visas in the past may include them in their documents.

Proof of Accommodation: A copy of hotel reservations made before the visit. Those who plan to stay with a family or friend must provide their home address.

Proof of funds: A statement of account containing sufficient balance to prove that you up can afford your expenses

Other documents are involved in the process depending on the visa type, but these are the major ones.

How To Apply For A China Visa

If you are based in Mumbai, you may visit the Chinese embassy in Mumbai to apply for a visa in person. However, for short-term visas like a visit or tourist visa, you may apply online through VisaHQ. Here are the steps to take for an online Chinese visa application service.

  • Log onto VisaHQ

  • Select China as your destination

  • Select India as your citizenship

  • Fill out the application form

  • Attach the necessary travel documents

  • Pay your visa application form fee

  • Submit for approval

Note that the online method is not for all visa types but only for selected short-term visas.

Now that you know about the China visa fees in Mumbai, you may apply for a visa and see the process through.

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