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China is the most populated country in the world and the second largest global economy. For years, China operated a highly restrictive immigration policy that limited visitors from entering the country but all that changed when the government opened up the economy and liberalized the immigration laws. Today, Filipinos can travel to China easily as long as they meet the visa requirement.

As a Philippino passport holder, you can apply for a visa and get it in 4 working days after you submit the visa application form. For those who have been given a visa before, the processing may take a shorter time because they are a repeat applicant.

Types of Chinese Visa For the Philippines?

As a Philippino passport holder, you can apply for a Chinese visa for different purposes. If you visit VisaHQ, you will find the following Chinese visa options.

Tourism Visa: A tourist visa is for Philippinos who wish to spend their vacation in China. China is blessed to have some of the most luxurious resort towns, especially in Macau, Hong Kong, and other cities. A tourist visa carries different validity ranging from 90 – 180 days, and it allows you to spend your holiday in any part of the country.

Business Visa: China is now a top business location, and many Phillipino passport holders do business with Chinese organizations and manufacturers. You can visit China on a business visa for business-related activities. This visa carries a 1 year validity but the number of days you can stay in the country varies depending on the number of days the Chinese embassy or immigration officer allot to you

Student Visa: You can also apply for a Student visa if you gain admission into a Chinese institution of learning. This visa is valid for as long as the course lasts.

Note: When applying for a China visa, you must indicate the purpose of your visit. There are different visa categories on the VisaHQ website you can choose from.

How To Apply For A China Visa Application Form Philippines

If you want to apply for a China visa, you have two options. You can apply for it in person or online. For long term visas, you will need to visit the Chinese embassy to fill out and submit the visa application form.

However, for short term visas like a tourist visa, you don’t have to visit the Chinese embassy in Manila. You can apply for the visa online by doing the following.

  • Visit VisaHQ and select China as your destination

  • Select the Philippines as your citizenship

  • Select the type of visa you want

  • Fill out the online application form

  • Attach the relevant documents

  • Pay the visa application fee

  • Submit the application form

Applying for a China visa online via VisaHQ is easy and will take only 20 minutes or less. Just make sure you provide accurate information.

China Visa For Philippines Requirements

Only eligible applicants who meet the requirements will be issued a Chinese tourist visa. Here are the requirements all applicants must meet.

Philippines passport: The applicant must submit a valid passport containing at least one blank page and valid for at least 6 months. The bio page must be scanned and uploaded on the application form.

Completed application form: The application form must be duly completed with accurate details. No field should be left blank. For minors, their parents or legal guardians must fill out the form on their behalf.

Recent passport: 2 recent passport photographs showing the applicant’s face clearly must be provided. The photograph must be uploaded in a 48mm x 33mm dimension and colored on a white background.

Travel itinerary: Information about your travel Itinerary must be provided, such as the date of arrival and departure.

Flight Ticket & Hotel Reservation: You must make reservations for the hotel and your return ticket back to the Philippines. For the ticket, you need to present the flight reservation number or passenger registration number. For booked flights, submit the itinerary confirmation.

Invitation Letter: Applicants who a Chinese resident invites, citizens, or organizations must provide an invitation letter sent to them. The letter must bear the applicant’s full name, gender, relationship with the Chinese resident or organization, and date of birth. It must also contain the inviter’s information as well as the applicant’s travel information.

Bank Card: After attaching all relevant documents, you must pay the People's Republic China tourist visa fee using a credit or debit card.

After submitting the visa application form, the approved visa will be forwarded to your email if you’ve applied for an online visa. For a long term visa, the Chinese embassy will send you a mail to come for an interview.

For a fast application process for online visas, log onto VisaHQ to complete the application form.

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