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When you are applying for a Chinese visa, one of the important documents required is a China visa application photo of you. This photograph is used to physically identify you as the applicant and the passport owner attached to the application form. Identifying the right photograph becomes a huge challenge for many applicants because of different sizing and image quality. This alone has led to the rejection of many applications by the Chinese embassy.

Chinese embassies maintain strict document compliance, so rejections are more common than you think. 

To ensure that you use the right application photograph, we provide a detailed set of requirements that your Chinese passport photo must meet.

China Visa Application Photo Requirements

In accordance with the visa photo requirements of the Chinese embassy, all visa applicants must attach one photograph to their visa application form when applying for Chinese visa with the following requirements.

Recent Photograph: The photograph you use must not be a recent one taken not later than 6 months before it is used. Visa photos older than 6 months may be rejected by the embassy. This requirement is in place to ensure that the photo bears the same resemblance as the applicant in person.

White Background: Chinese passport photos must be in white backgrounds and not any other color.

Sizing: The size requirement for photos is 48mm x 33mm. The width head should be 15mm x 22mm while the height should be 28mm x33mm. Anything aside from this sizing will be rejected.

Positioning: The applicant must face the camera with their head and face showing clearly. No part of their image should be cut off from view. Furthermore, they must maintain a neutral facial expression with open eyes and closed lips. Their ears and lips must also be in view. Their head position should tilt less than 20 degrees to the left or right and less than 25 degrees downward. Applicants should avoid moving their heads when the shot is taken so the image will not be blurry.

Visible Facial Features. Every physical detail must be visible with the head positioned at the center of the photo.

Spectacles. Thin-rimmed eyeglasses are allowed, but thick ones are not. Tinted or glare eyeglasses are not allowed because they hide the eyes from view. Only bright lenses are allowed. 

Headgear and hats are only permitted for religious reasons, but in doing so, your facial features must not be covered.

Damage Free: Only damaged Free photographs will be accepted. This means that the passport must be devoid of tears, impurities or permeation that will hide your face from view. The photograph must have a natural tone with no distortion to make you look different.

Note: These requirements were published by the Chinese visa application center in 2016, and new updates have not been released. This remains the standard for all Chinese visa application photographs.

These are the standards your photos must meet; however, VisaHQ will keep you informed should there be any changes in the nearest future.

Other Documents For China Visa Application

Aside from the photo required for your visa application, there are other documents the authorities will request; they are as follows.

Application Form: You must complete a visa application form containing accurate personal information, all written in block letters and black ink. The form should be signed and dated.

Passport: A valid passport issued by your home government is required. It must have a minimum of 6 months validity and at least one blank page for immigration officers to affix stamps when you arrive or exit China.

ID Card: A valid government-issued ID card is another requirement to attach to the application.

Proof of funds: Depending on your nationality, a statement of account to show proof that you have the financial capacity to cover your expenses may be required.

Proof of Accommodation: A copy of a hotel reservation for your stay. If you plan to stay in a residential property, provide the address.

Proof of Residency: Those applying from a foreign country in which they are residents must provide a valid resident permit issued by their host county to show that they are legally residing there.

How To Apply For A Chinese Visa Online

Some nationals can apply for short-term business or tourist visas online. If you are eligible for an online visa, you can apply for it online via VisaHQ.

  • Visit VisaHQ

  • Select China as your destination

  • Select your country

  • Choose the visa you want

  • Fill out the application form

  • Attach travel document

  • Pay the visa application fee

  • Submit for approval

The authorities will issue the visa to you within a few days as long as you submit valid documents and the required China visa application photo.

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