China visa fees in Mumbai

China is a country that many travelers throughout the year visit. Many people visit it for the wonderful places and traditions while others visit it due to official matters they have to deal with.

If you live in Austin, Texas, and have to go to China, you must stay updated about the China visa policies. You cannot travel to China without a visa.

This article is a resource for you through which you will gain more knowledge about the Chinese visa rules. You will be enlightened about the different types of visas, their requirements, and how you can apply online swiftly!

Multiple Types of Visas That are Offered for Foreign Nationals

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa is for multiple entries with a validity of 10 years and is mainly for tourism. Therefore, if your goal is to only visit China for fun and experience, then you should get a China tourist visa.

Business Visa

You must get this visa to attend activities such as going for negotiations or conducting or attending conferences or meetings. However, keep in mind that this visa does not permit employment. It is a single entry visa with a 90-day validity.

Non-Business Visit Visa

The non-business visit visa is for nonprofit purposes or for attending events such as seminars, conferences, or lectures. It is a double entry visa with a validity of 180 days.

Private Visa

Private visas are a type of single entry visit visa with a validity period of 90 days. They are acquired when a family member or friend invites the applicants to China. You must provide your invitation for this visa. The letter should be addressed to the Chinese Consulate and contain details of the visit.

Official Visa

An official visa is a diplomatic visa used by individuals who take care of official matters in China. You will need this visa's personal invitation, PU letter, and state department letter.

Journalist Visa

The journalist visa is for foreign media journalists whose news stations are located in China. This is a single entry visa allowing a stay for 15 days.

Group E-Visa

Group e-visa is suitable for people traveling as a pair or more than two people. However, to be able to enter China with this visa, you must enter through Hongqiao or Shanghai Pudong airports.

Talent Visa

The talent visa applies to highly talented individuals, and the Chinese government requires their services. You must provide your foreign expert certificate for legitimacy purposes. This visa is valid for ten years and is for multiple entries.

Work Visa

The work visa is a single entry visa for those individuals who have been offered a paying job in China. This is also for those who want to visit China for commercial activities. You will be asked to provide proof through a job offer letter.

Student Visa

If you are a student and want to pursue your education, you must get a student visa. You must submit the enrollment letter from the institute you are doing the program. The student visa is usually given for 365 days.

Documents Required for the Chinese Visa Services

The most important documents that need to be submitted include a valid passport proper passport photo that is not unclear, and you can be identified easily. Moreover, you must provide your previous visa. If you don't have your previous visas, you must provide a letter stating that you have lost them.

You must also provide the travel itinerary highlighting the places you will be visiting in China and what is the reason for your travel. Moreover, you can provide flight tickets and hotel accommodation proof too.

Usually, for business, private and crew visas, etc., you are asked to submit a letter from either your host who has invited you or a crew letter. These letters should state the purpose of your visit and contact details, and other information about the host.

For each type of visa, there might be one or two additional requirements.

Processing Time

The processing time for the visa is usually 3 to 4 weeks, given that you complete the entire process diligently. There are cases when applicants want their visas urgently. If so, you must apply for the expedited service. The expedited service will cost more. However, you may receive your visa within two weeks.

What is the Procedure for Applying for a Chinese Visa?

There are mainly two major ways to apply for a Chinese visa. One is physically by visiting the Chinese Embassy or the Chinese Consulate, and the second is applying online.

Many individuals find it hard to take out time to schedule an appointment and visit the embassy; therefore, visa services like VisaHQ enable individuals to apply for the visa of their choice successfully. To apply for the Chinese visa, you must choose the destination country as China and your home location as Texas. Once you have done so, the website will show you complete details about the different types of visas you can apply for. The site will also show the visa requirements, fees, processing time, and other instructions.

You can fill out the visa application online and mail the documents along with the completed application. Through the visa services of VisaHQ, you can pay the visa fee online and then wait for the visa to be processed.

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