Emergency visa to China

For those who need to visit China at short notice, applying for a Chinese visa through the normal process will not cut it because the visa will not arrive as quickly as it should; they need an emergency visa to China. Many have had their visas come too late because they didn’t apply early enough, but with the help of emergency services, they could get a same-day China visa or a visa after a few weeks. However, they need to qualify for it by submitting the right documents.

Who Can Get an Emergency Visa To China?

Emergency visas for China are visas issued within a short time after submitting a visa application. It is issued to applicants with the right documents who can pay for an expedited service so their order can start immediately. Also, the applicant may be required to appear in person in some cases and with certain documents. However, the applicant must prove that their case is one of a life or death situation involving them or an immediate family member.

How To Get An Emergency Visa To China?

If you want to get a visa quickly, there are a few ways to go about it.

Chinese Embassy Urgent Visa Services: The Chinese embassy in your country has a special program called an urgent visa service. This service also goes by the name of Rush Service or Express Service. Under this program, the embassy processes the application as quickly as possible and issues the visa in less than seven days. A common example of this visa service is medical visas for those seeking medical treatment in China. Officials prioritize the visa of selected applicants who apply for express visas, but the embassy will charge an extra fee for the service.

Visa On Arrival: Another type of Chinese embassy visa is the visa on arrival. This visa is a little different from the others as the applicant doesn’t have to submit a visa applications to the embassy. All they have to do is travel to China and receive a visa on arrival at the airport or entry port. However, visa-on-arrival is only available to foreigners from selected countries whose citizens are on the visa-on-arrival list.

While the ordinary visa process will produce the visa in 7 working days or more, those who go the express visa route will get the visa in 1 or 2 working days. As for the visa on arrival, you get it immediately once you arrive China. Express visa application is more convenient as it is processed faster than regular applications. Still, visa on arrival may be a little problematic, especially if you arrive at the airport to a long queue of other visitors waiting for immigration officers to process their visa on arrival as well.

Please bear in mind that the processing time for Chinese express visas is not the same in embassies across the globe. Some embassies process express visas faster than others. The visa officers at these embassies reserve the full right to issue visas at any time or to deny a visa request.

China Emergency Fees

The emergency fees vary from consulate to consulate and are determined by the local currency rate. Your nationality, the visa you apply for, and the validity all play a part in determining the fees you pay. If you apply directly to the embassy, you will have to pay the application fee directly to the embassy’s designated bank account through direct cash transfers of credit or debit cards. After paying the fee, a bank teller or receipt will be generated, which you must then attach to your application and submit at the visa counter at the embassy. Another thing to pay is the service fee for the visa and a courier fee in case you want your documents mailed to the embassy instead of submitting them in person.

Use An Emergency Visa Application Service

You can use an emergency visa application service like VisaHQ to process your express visa application where possible. Even if you are not in your home country, it doesn’t matter if you can show a valid visa or a residence permit issued by your host country. VisaHQ China express visa service is designed to assist applicants in getting their visas as quickly as possible. They can submit their documents through the mail to VisaHQ. We will check your documents and ensure they are in order before submitting them to the embassy on your behalf. Furthermore, we will follow up with the process and update you on the progress. Once your visa is ready or your presence is needed at the embassy, we will inform you as quickly as possible.

Obtaining an emergency visa to China is possible if you apply for an express service or a visa on arrival if you qualify. Using the mail, you can also use VisaHQ emergency visa service to pass your documents to the passport agency as quickly as possible.

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