China visa services in Manchester

Do you have to visit China? But you are unsure what the procedure is to obtain a Chinese visa from Manchester.

As you read, you will know much more about the different visa types offered for those residing in Manchester and are planning to visit China. If you are unsure which type of visa you must obtain, this article is here to help! The article will also enlighten you about the visa requirements and how you can apply online!

Chinese Visa Types for Citizens of Manchester

Tourist Visa

If your main goal in going to China is to tour the country and explore beautiful landscapes, you must opt for a tourist visa. In addition, if you wish to visit your relatives or friends to visit China, you should also obtain a tourist visa.

The tourist visa is available for multiple entries, and it has a validity of 2 years.

Business Visa

You must have a business visa for business meetings, company negotiations, contract signing, conferences, and organizational seminars. The business visa allows entry multiple times until the validity of 2 years ends.

You must provide a business invitation with complete details about the visa applicants and the host company. This invitation should be addressed to the Chinese Embassy in Manchester and should also state the plan for the trip.

Work Visa

A work visa allows for employment opportunities. However, for a work visa, you must provide a work permit, PU letter, supplementary form, and letter of invitation, which China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs must have approved.

The work visa is valid for two years, and you can enter China multiple times.

Student Visa

If you plan to visit China to continue your education, such as to complete your undergraduate, master's, or post-graduate studies, then you can apply for a student visa.

With the help of a student visa, you can easily study in China, given that you can provide proof of documents that verify that you have been granted admission to any of the programs.

This visa is for multiple entries and is valid for two years.

Journalist Visa

All foreign journalists whose news stations are located in China can apply for a journalist visa. You must provide the journalist visa notification form and PU letter. The China journalist visa is valid for two years and is for multiple entries.

Group E-Visa

Group e-visa is valid only if there are two or more travelers. Moreover, if you have the group e-visa, you must enter China through the Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Pechino, or Canton airports.

You must use the group e-visa 15 days after it has been issued, and it allows individuals to stay in China for 30 days.

Crew Visa

If you are a foreign crew worker and need to travel cross-border, then the crew visa is important for you to have. You must provide your original copy of the crew ID, the crew letter, and other documents.

This visa also has multiple entries and is valid for two years.

Residence Visa

With the China resident visa, individuals can stay in China for a certain amount of time. The visa is valid for six months, and you must provide a PU letter and residence approval document.

Processing Time for the Visas

The processing time for the visas is about 3 to 4 business days. However, processing a residence visa takes about 3 to 4 weeks. Moreover, if you opt for three days of processing time, you will have to pay a higher visa fee.

Which Documents are Required?

There are certain general documents that you must submit, such as your valid passport. If you have dual nationality, you must submit both passports. You must ensure that the Chinese visa applications are properly filled out to get Chinese visas.

You will be asked to submit your passport photos as well. Travel itineraries and hotel accommodations are needed to complete the entire process.

You may need other documents, such as invitation letters, PU letters, and supplementary forms. Individuals who are younger than 70 must provide their fingerprints, too. You can do this by visiting the visa center in Manchester.

The Procedure for Applying for the Visa

You can visit the Chinese Embassy, visa centre, or the Chinese Consulate in Manchester after scheduling an appointment and start applying for the visa. However, many people find this method time-consuming because they must go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General. Therefore, you can apply online through a website like VisaHQ.

VisaHQ provides an efficient online approach to applying for a visa. The entire visa process is made easier. You can complete the visa application online on the site VisaHQ. You will get all information about the different visas and what their requirements are. You can select which visa to apply for, fill out the Chinese visa forms, gather the required documents, and mail them.

The visa fees and processing time are also stated on the website; if you get stuck, the team at VisaHQ will assist you!

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