China visa process

The best way to apply for a Chinese visa is to be aware of the China visa process so you don’t make any mistakes with your application. One of the major reasons why many people are unsuccessful with their applications is that they make avoidable mistakes with their applications. To help you avoid making a mistake with your next application, we have created a detailed step-by-step process on how to do so correctly. Let’s review the process.

Check If You Need A Visa

The first step is to check whether you even need a visa to visit China in the first place. This may come as a surprise, but some nationals from selected countries don’t need visas to enter China. Do well to check whether your country is on the visa-exempt list: if it is not on the list, you can proceed to apply for a visa; if it is, you don’t need a visa to enter China m. All you need is your passport and sufficient funds to cover your expenses.

Check The Visa You Are Eligible For

The second step is to check which visa you are eligible to apply for, as not all visas are open to citizens of all countries. Also, note that the visa you choose should suit your needs. For instance, if you want to travel as a tourist, you should apply for a tourist visa.

Arrange your documents

The visa you aim to apply for will determine the documents you need, so find out the requirements for the visa. The basic documents for all visas are a recent passport photograph, a valid passport, a round trip flight ticket, a hotel reservation, and an invitation letter from a Chinese travel agency or your host in China. Arrange all these documents before you apply.

Fill Out And Submit The Application Form

You need to fill out the visa application form and sign it. If you are filling it out by hand, use black ink and write in block letters so the visa can see your information. How you submit it will depend on the application method utilized. You can submit it in person at the Chinese embassy, use a travel agency or a mail service, or submit it online. How long you will wait will depend on several factors but note that the processing time only is after to count when the embassy gets your documents.

To avoid delays, submit your visa application form on time.

Pay The Visa Fee

There is a visa fee attached to the application for processing. How and when this fee is paid depends on the application method. You may be asked to pay the fee when you submit the visa or after the visa is out. You will be asked to pay the fee either with a credit or debit card or paid to the designated bank account of the embassy. The visa fee amount also depends on the type of visa.

Pick Up Your Visa

After submitting your application form and documents, the embassy will process your visa and invite you to come to pick it up at a later date, along with your passport.

 When to Apply For a Chinese Visa

The best time to apply for a visa to China is at least one or two months before your planned travel date. During peak periods when the embassy is handling many visa applications, you may need to wait an extended period to get yours. That is why submitting your application at least two months in advance is advisable.

Renewing Or Extending Your Chinese Visa

In most cases, visas can’t be renewed or extended once they have been issued; however, they can be extended at the Local Government office in China where you reside. However, you will have to prove to the officials that you have valid reasons to remain in the country for much longer than your visa allows.

 Applying From A Third Country

Sometimes you may need to apply for a visa in another country that you are not a citizen of. This situation can create headaches for you, but the Chinese government has created avenues for residents in a country to apply for a visa. However, this process will require submitting a resident permit to prove that you reside legally in the host country. Simply attach your valid resident permit to your application and indicate in the application form that you are not a citizen but a resident of the country.

China visa process requires valid documents and accurate information; otherwise, your application will be rejected. Also, consider submitting the application in time, so you don’t ruin your travel plans. 

To be on the safer side, submit it at least two months in advance of your trip.

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