China visa in Denver

Denver is a city in the state of Colorado. If you plan to go to China while living in Denver, there are certain things you must know before travelling. Most importantly, it would help if you acquired a visa to go to China.

Depending on why you want to visit China, you can get different types of China visas. Each year millions of people visit China. This article will describe in detail the process of getting a Chinese visa and what are the different types of Chinese visas!

What are the Different Types of China Visa Offered?

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is for individuals who want to visit China to experience the country and enjoy there. It is a visit visa through which you can travel around China for tourism purposes.

This is a visa for multiple entries with a validity of 10 years.

Business Visa

A business visa is a visa for those individuals who want to visit China for business purposes. This can include attending a meeting, or conference, managing business activities etc.

However, you can not use this visa to your advantage and work in China. For that, you must apply for a work visa.

You can get a single entry visa for a validity of 90 days.

Group-E Visa

You can use this visa if you travel in a group of 2 people or more. However, it can be used by those who enter China through Hongqiao or Shanghai Pudong airports.

This is a single entry visa with a validity of 30 days.

Student Visa

This visa is given to those who want to come to China to pursue their education. You may come to China to complete your undergraduate, master's, postgraduate or even other educational programs with the help of a student visa.

You must give proof of enrollment in the form of an acceptance letter in whichever program you applied to.

The validity for the student visa is a whole year.

Work Visa

A work visa allows individuals to be employed in companies located in China. However, you must provide proof, such as an employment letter, if you wish to get a work visa.

The work visa's validity is 90 days, and it is a visa for a single entry.

Journalist Visa

The journalist visa is a visa provided to journalists who wish to visit China for reporting or to document any event.

This is a single entry visa valid for 30 days, but you can stay for only 15 days at a time.

Talent Visa

A talent visa is provided to those with any talent or skill the Chinese government specifically wants. To qualify for this type of visa, you must provide your expertise certificate too as proof.

A talent visa is a multiple entry visa with a validity of 10 years.

Other Visas

There are also other visas like crew, cruise, transit, etc.

Processing Time for the Visa Services

The processing time for most visas is 3-4 weeks; however, if you opt for expedited services, the processing time can come down t 2 weeks.

Requirements that You Must Fulfil for the Chinese Visa

If you wish to apply for a China visa, you must fulfil certain requirements too. You need to fill out the visa application form in a responsible manner. The form should not be left empty and should contain accurate information.

Moreover, certain requirements remain the same regardless of the type of visa you apply for. For example, you must submit the visa application form and your passport. You must submit a valid passport with at least two blank pages.

You also have to submit your passport photo. The passport photo should be visible. Most visas ask you to submit documents such as your travel itinerary. You can submit the itinerary as flight tickets or hotel accommodation proof.

Moreover, if you have applied for a business visa, additional requirements may ask to provide a business invitation letter with the company letterhead. If you apply for a crew visa, you must provide your crew ID and letter.

Some visas require applicants to provide their driver's license too. Therefore, whichever visa you apply for, check all the requirements and whether or not you're eligible for it.

For any expediting service, you must remember that you will be charged a greater visa fee.

How Can I Apply for the China Travel Visa?

If you want to apply for a China visa, you can either go to the Chinese embassy after scheduling an appointment or apply online. You could also visit the Chinese Consulate to know more about the process.

Third-party visa services such as VisaHQ exist to make it easier for individuals to apply for a visa. At VisaHQ, in their visa section, you can find everything you need to know about the Chinese visa.

You must select the US state you belong to and China as the destination country. The site will show you all details, such as the different types of visas, visa fees, requirements and processing time.

Once you have decided which visa you want to apply for, you can fill out the application form online. You can gather all your documents and submit them through the mail and pay the visa fee online. VisaHQ provides step by step guidance, and if you follow the instructions, you can easily apply for the visa!

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