China visa in Toronto

Do you live in Toronto and would like to apply for a China visa Canada Toronto? You can either apply at a visa application center or online, depending on the type of visa you want. For years Canadians had to visit only one location in the country to apply for a Chinese visa, but all that changed with the opening of several consulates in the country by the Chinese consulate general.

This has reduced the waiting times in queues, and applicants can avail of visas in weeks.

This page contains the China visa application process, requirements, and processing times.


Do I Need A Visa To China, and When Should I Apply?

As a Canadian passport holder, you need a visa to enter China, as Canada is not on the visa-exempt list of the country. As for when to apply for a visa, it is best to submit your application as quickly as possible. For long-term visas, you should consider submitting your application at least 2 months before your travel date because it takes longer to complete document verification.

For short-term visas like tourist or transit visas, you can apply a month before your trip. This will give the embassy ample time to process your application and approve it on time.

Documents Required For A China Visa

Like with all visas issued by all sovereign Nations, the Chinese government expects certain documents to be submitted for review. Without these documents, your application will not be processed. Furthermore, submitting fake or expired documents will lead to application rejections as well.

The visa application form is one of the most important documents for visa applications, and it must be filled out correctly and signed by you. In addition to the application form, you must present the following documents.

Valid Passport: A valid Canadian passport valid for at least 6 months, counting from the day you arrive in China. If the passport expires sooner, it will not be accepted by the authorities. Secondly, the passport must have a minimum of one blank sheet for immigration officers to stamp once you arrive.

ID Card: A Valid government-issued ID card showing your face, date of birth, and other details clearly.

Health Certificate: Due to rising COVID-19 cases, the government of China expects all visitors to provide a health certificate, including a COVID certificate or a negative COVID-19 PCR test.

Other supporting documents will be required in addition to those listed above, but these are the basic ones. The embassy may require other documents depending on your visa category.

How to Apply For A China Visa Canada Toronto

 Canadian citizens living in Toronto, can apply for a visa in one of two ways to apply for a Chinese visa.

In Person Application: This method involves submitting physical documents to the embassy or visa application center. The applicant must submit a completed visa application form and all required documents. In addition, an interview date will be issued for a one on one interview with an official of the Chinese commission. The applicant is expected to bring their original documents and will be made to answer some questions pertaining to their trip.

If they are successful, their application will be accepted, and a visa will be issued at a later date. 

This is the option for long-term visas like work, relocation, or permanent resident visas.

Online Application: The second option is the online application available for short term visas like tourist visas. This option is not open to all countries but represents the fastest way to apply for a short term visa. You can apply for a visa online via VisaHQ by doing the following

  • Log onto VisaHQ

  • Select China as your destination

  • Select Canada as your citizenship

  • Choose the visa you want

  • Complete the Chinese visa application form

  • Scan and upload your documents

  • Pay the visa fee

  • Submit for processing

The visa will be sent to your inbox if your application is successful. Endeavor to print it for your trip.

Visa Processing Time

For online applications for short term visas, you only need to wait about 5 working days to get it, but for long term visa applications at the embassy or a visa center, you may have to wait for up to 8 weeks, depending on the visa type. Some visas require an extended vetting process before they are issued, so they take more time than others.

Visa Application Fee

The visa application fee for a China visa ranges from 40 Canadian dollars and above, depending on the visa. This fee is required to process your application and is not refundable, nor does it guarantee that you will be issued the China visa Canada Toronto.

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