Since 2003, Inc. has provided online visa services and U.S. passport solutions enabling travelers to apply online for visas to virtually any country in the world. Using unmatched, cutting-edge online technologies customers can apply for travel visas simply by filling out one universal, 100% paperless electronic form. We can also obtain, renew and replace passports for U.S. Citizens.
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Focus – As VisaHQ's registered trademark name suggests we provide travel documents solutions. We are dedicated to excellence in one channel of business it is what we do best. Unlike other companies in our industry we have determined not to offer customers products such as cell phone rental, calling cards, anti-jet-lag pills, etc. As part of VisaHQ's commitment to assisting travelers we offer free access to the world's most comprehensive visa requirements database, our indispensable customs regulations database and the largest online directory of Embassy and Consulate contact information.
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Take advantage of a personal touch - visit one of our 19 offices in 9 countries for consultation and guidance by the VisaHQ team that speaks 19 languages.
VisaHQ hires a diverse and internationally minded staff of professional and reliable employees who are dedicated to breaking through the many bureaucratic barriers imposed on international travelers. They know their way past these hurdles not only from professional training programs and effective management, but through a wealth of personal and shared experience. In short, the company and its dependents hold themselves to the highest standards of professionalism, dedication, and respect.
VisaHQ's human resources are further supported and enhanced by its own technologically advanced infrastructure which represents the company's mission to foster industry innovation. This is immediately evident when comparing VisaHQ's websites to those of the competition. The VisaHQ commitment to delivering open-source information on visa requirements for all nationalities only further distinguishes it from the rest. VisaHQ stands alone in its offering of free and accurate information on travel restrictions.
VisaHQ's unique online application makes applying for one visa or many visas a painless process. VisaHQ's services simplify the impossibly rigid hours and policies held by the world's consulates as they are completely incompatible with the modern worker's schedule and condition. This common scenario only further complicates itself for those international travelers residing far from major urban centers, which make VisaHQ's services invaluable for the vast swath of international travelers. is protected by an in-house team of technology professionals who continuously monitor the site. Personal information is protected by the highest standards around and VisaHQ will never divulge anyone's information to any third party. uses Premium Extended Validation SSL Certificate, providing the highest level of online assurance available. VisaHQ's technology experts encourage everyone to avoid applying for passport or visa services on websites without an EV SSL certificate.
Stephanie Scherpf reviewed VisaHQ
I had a great experience with VisaHQ. I was under a very tight timeline to get my visa for India and Alex and Maurice helped me every step of the way. Complete professionalism and excellent communication. Highly recommended!! (on Facebook)

Stephanie Scherpf 01.05.2017

Kyle Michael reviewed VisaHQ
Very professional and great customer service. Thank you for completing my Saudi visa request so quickly, got here just in time for my departure for the holidays! (on Facebook)

Kyle Michael 12.24.2016

Fatma Dawood reviewed VisaHQ
VisaHQ i want to thank you for your quick response .. i was hopeless to take this visa but you really really made me feel soooo happy and special .. i can't believe that you did it for me :) Thanks is not enough! (on Facebook)

Fatma Dawood 12.22.2016

Joe Stidham reviewed VisaHQ
Awesome customer service! Provided excellent communication through the entire process and secured my visa quickly. I would highly recommend VisaHQ. Alberto Ruiz took really good care of me. (on Facebook)

Joe Stidham 12.19.2016

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Experience VisaHQ customers are in safe hands. The company's expert personnel have successfully delivered hundreds of thousands of travel documents to its client base of international travelers. VisaHQ can ensure accuracy, efficiency, and reliability when processing all of your travel documents.
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