Medical checks for China visa

Medical checks for China visa is required for foreign nationals coming to China. This is quite true for expatriates and students who will spend a long time in the country and intermingle with the local population. The government wants to be sure that no visitor coming in will expose its citizens to health risks.

So if you are preparing for a medical check for your visa, here is a quick rundown of what to expect.

Medical Check For Pre – Departure

Applicants from selected countries with a history of significant virus outbreaks may be asked to go for medical checks at designated health centres in their home countries. 

These checks are conducted to ensure that they are not harbouring any terminal disease or virus that may put the Chinese population at risk or place a burden on the health system of China.

In most cases, the test results will be sent to the embassy directly and not issued to the applicant. It should also interest you that the embassy will only request this test if they are on the verge of issuing you a visa. Furthermore, your record will either be kept or/and forwarded to the appropriate authorities in China.

Medical Checks In China

After the pre-departure check, you will be issued a Chinese visa, and you can travel to China. Once you are in China on a work or student visa, you will be asked to present the results of your medical check (if they don’t have it already). In addition, they will ask you to go for an in-country medical check-up, which must take place within the first 30 days of your arrival.

The process is quite simple and will take about an hour or less. The Chinese health system is very advanced so the procedure will be conducted the first time efficiently, so you don’t have to come back a second time for another check.

 How To Prepare For Medical Check For China Visa

Here is how to prepare for medical checks in China.

Avoid Breakfast: When going for the check, avoid eating anything in the morning to keep your bowels empty and prepared. If you are on any prescription drug, you may continue with it but bring it with you to the hospital and present it to the doctor.

Wear comfortable clothes: You want to ensure that your attire is comfortable, so consider wearing loose clothing. Skirts and dresses may not be appropriate for ladies.

Documents To Bring With You

Please bring the following documents to the medical centre unless you are told it is unnecessary.

  • Passport

  • Photocopies of your passport bio page, visa page, stamp page

  • Five passport style photos taken at authorized studios

  • Medical check up fee (400 Yuan or more)

Note: The full medical examination is done on behalf of the Ministry of Public Health and Public Security, and additional documents may be required aside from the above mentioned documents.

Virus/Ailment Checked For

  • HIV & Aids – Influenza, Malaria, Poliomyelitis, Relapsing Fever, Dengue Fever, Cholera, Epidemic Typhus, Plague, Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever, and Other infectious diseases disclosed by the State Health Council

Note: Those who test positive for any of these ailments or show conditions of the above will be denied residency in addition to evidence of Tuberculosis, Psychosis and any other mental or physical condition.

Notable Physical Examination

The following tests will be conducted

  • Urine Test, Ultrasound, Blood test using gloves and sterile needles, ECG, Pulse regularity, X Rays, Vision Test, Height and Weight, Blood Pressure, Stethoscope Check for breathing

After the medical examination has been conducted, the centre will release a health certificate showing all the results after a few days. The certificate should be registered with the Public Health and Public Security authorities. Also, note that other tests not included on this list may also be conducted.

Medical Checks For China Visa

Note that not all applicants will be required to present themselves for medical checks in their home country or when they arrive in China. Medical checks are often required for those applying for long-stay visas like student or work visas. In addition, due to the volatile health situation in China because of Covid, the authorities may change health policies and request medical checks even for short-term visitors.

So when applying for a visa to China, be prepared for a potential health check even if the current policy says otherwise. Lastly, it is illegal to alter the medical results issued by the authorities in your home country neither should you attempt to alter it in any way, shape or form.  

Just present yourself for medical checks for China visa and let the doctors conduct a detailed and comprehensive test of your anatomy.

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