US Visa for Filipinos

Many Philippine citizenship holders and foreign citizens travel to the US due to the long history of governmental establishment between the Philippine government and the foreign government of the United States. Another purpose for traveling to this foreign country is business or just tourism. As Filipino citizens, you are neither allowed to enter the US with visa free entry nor are part of a visa free waiver scheme.

All Filipino citizens need to get either a temporary visitor's visa, an immigrant visa, or apply for a non immigrant visa at the immigration office in the United States. Below are different Philippine visas for foreign nationals. Most of the visa issued and visa type are valid for up to 10 years.

US Tourist Visa for Filipino Citizens

For your tourist visa application to the United States, you can apply through VisaHQ. The visa processing time for a tourist visa is generally 7 to 10 business days, but you can also apply for a visa extension before your visa expires. This visa is a multiple entry visa that has a visa processing fee of $382. To apply for the visa, you need to do the following steps:

  • Visit VisaHQ website

  • Enter Philippine citizenship as your nationality

  • Then enter the United States as your travel destination

  • Fill out the complete visa application forms present on VisaHQ

  • Then send a few documents to VisaHQ

  • Wait for visa application form approval

  • Get your visa

The documents that you will need to send to VisaHQ are as follows:

  • Complete the visa application form

  • A valid passport. It should be a passport valid for at least six months after the intended period of arrival. Submit the passport data page and other pages containing passport data.

  • Photographs

  • A copy of a valid passport with the applicant's signature

  • Other travel document include personal invitations, employment letters, entry clearance, travel insurance, criminal history, bank statement, travel document, flight itinerary, etc.

Below are some other additional documents that might be requested when traveling from a foreign country.

Required Documents for Foreign Nationals

Immigration officials can request additional documents for a specific type of visa issued. You might need to submit your income tax return, official business proofs, Filipino overseas worker certificate or invitation letter, investment certificate, etc. Also, your criminal records, if applicable. The section below explains what documents might be requested for specific visa type and visa application.

Foreign Students

Foreign students applying for the US might have to submit the following additional documents.

  • Current school transcripts, degrees, diplomas, and school results.

  • Evidence of financial capability, including bank statements, deposit slips, and other proofs.

Company Directors or Business Visitors

The company directors or businessman on temporary visitor's visa must show their official business proofs to get a visa as a Filipino citizen.

  • They should submit evidence stating their position in the company and remuneration.

Working Adults

A foreign national that is also a Filipino overseas worker in the United States might be asked to submit these documents.

  • Employment Certificates

  • Current pay stub stating three months' salary

Foreign Nationals Visiting Foreign Spouses or Relatives in Philippine

Foreign nationals visiting or moving from a foreign country to the USA might need to submit the following documents for their temporary visitor's visa, single entry, or multiple entry visas.

  • Photocopy of marriage certificate

  • If they have unmarried minor children, then the birth certificate of the children is also required. The birth certificate should be PSA authenticated birth certificate, as any other birth certificate will not be acceptable proof.

  • Birth certificate of children that are below 21 years or even for married children if applicable to show family relation.

  • A valid visa invitation from the spouse.

All these documents, including the birth certificate, marriage certificate, financial capability proofs, and others from all the categories stated above, must be submitted to the visa officer present at the Philippine embassy branch for the US visa officers and consulates.

Business Visa through Philippine Immigration Authorities

If you apply for a business US visa, you can get information on consular affairs from VisaHQ. However, they are currently not applying for business visas. You must contact the Philippine immigration authorities to apply for your visa.

As a Philippine citizen, you must visit the US embassy in the Philippines and apply for your visa. The process is straightforward. You must call the consulate general to get information about the documents and visa. Then ask them how much processing time the visa will take and if the consulate general accepts the applications by mail.

Once you have confirmed all this, you can start collecting the required documents and even the additional documents if the consulate general requests. Some general travel documents will include a passport valid for six months after you arrive in the United States, your legal residence documents if required, proof of your period of stay in the United States, in some cases, marriage certificate, visa issues, application form, etc.

Then you must complete the visa payment by submitting the visa fee and the documents to the consulate general. Before submitting the documents, you must decide what visa type you want. If you want a single entry or a multiple entry visa, apply for it. After your visa application form has been processed, you will receive your visa. Pay the visa stamping fee and get your visa from the US embassy.

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