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The general rule for a visa applicant and most foreigners coming to the US is to do so with a visa, and that is the case with citizens of the UAE who must apply for a US B1 B2 visa Dubai and get it before traveling to the US. Applying for a US visa from Dubai is possible because of the presence of the US embassy in the country. This embassy processes visa applications for Dubai citizens and residents.

The B1 B2 visa is a non immigrant visa applicants coming to the US as visitors to spend a short time before leaving again. Both visas are classed under the category B visa but have different purposes.

B1 Visa

The B1 visa is called a business visitor visa and is issued to business associates, professionals, investors, and persons coming to settle an estate or negotiate or sign a contract. The visa is different from a work visa because the holder is not to earn direct compensation for their work.


The B2 visa is also a business visa, but it is designed for tourism and those coming for vacation, medical treatment, family members and friends visits, or participation in social or fraternal events or even musical and sporting events.

B1 B2 visa

Then we have the B1 B2 visa, which is a combination of two visa types into one. The B1 B2 visa allows foreign nationals to visit the US to engage in business and leisure. Instead of applying for different visas, you can apply for the B1 B2 and enjoy the benefits of both visas with one. B1 B2 visas have a long validity period and are mostly multi entry, meaning that you can use your many times for trips to the US as long as it is valid.

What You Can’t Use The B1 B2 Visa For?

You can use the B1 B2 visa for certain activities, and we explain some of them below.

Study: You can not use it as a study visa to attend a long course at any of the many academic institutions in the United States.

Employment: You cannot use it to get employment in the IS and to work to earn income during your stay in the country. The visa is meant to be a visitor visa, so it doesn’t earn you a work permit.

Paid Performance: You can engage in any type of performance as an artist or professional that will earn you an income from a paying audience.

Crewmember: Crewmembers of ships or flights cannot enter the US with a B1 B2 visa.

Work As a Journalist: Media professionals working for a foreign media outfit in any form are not allowed to practice their trade in the US.

Permanent Residence: It is a visit visa, so the holder can only stay for a short time. It doesn’t allow for permanent residency in the United States.

Birth Tourism: Persons looking to give birth in the United States to obtain US citizenship for their child cannot use this visa.

How To Apply For US B1 B2 Visa Dubai?

To apply for this visa, there are ordered steps you must take as defined by the US consulate or embassy you approach. However, application processes often take the following route.

Fill out The Form: You will be asked to fill out the visa application form called a Form DS-160. This form contains sections and boxes to be completed and ticked. Input the right information into them and submit it to generate an application confirmation page for the form, which must be printed out for the visa interview. In the form is a section for photo upload. You must upload a digital copy of your photo in the right format.

Schedule An Interview: Once you are done with the visa application form, schedule an interview with the consulate or embassy in Dubai. Interviews are generally granted to persons who are between 14-79 years old. Younger minors or persons above 80 don’t need to come for interviews. You need to book an appointment for the interview and get a date. Note they the waiting time may be longer depending on the season and visa category.

Interview Preparation: You must prepare for the interview by paying the application fee if you have to pay it before the interview day. An issuance fee may also be required from you if the visa is issued to you after the interview.

Gather your documents: You must gather all the required documents like your passport, passport photograph, proof of funds and previous visas, and any other document.

On the day of the US B1 B2 visa Dubai interview, go to the embassy early and present your documents to the visa officer when it is your turn.

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