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What is the US B1 B2 multiple entry visa, and what can I use it for? Anyone who is not familiar with US visa policy or has never traveled to the US before is bound to ask what the B visa can be used for and whether it is a single, double, or multiple entry visa. This visa is a 10 year visa issued to foreigners as a non-migrant visitor visas for business or tourist engagements. Although the visa is ten-year, tourists are not supposed to remain there for up to ten years but only for six months per visit. A visa holder can visit the US at any time of the year, but they can only stay for a short time.

Why Are They Called Multiple Entry Visas?

The B1 and B2 visas are called multiple entry visas because holders can use them to enter the country several times. Unlike single entry visitor visas valid that can be used only once and double entry visas that can only be used twice, there is no limitation to the number of times you can use multiple entry visas during the course of the year.

Document You Need For A US ab1 B2 Multiple Entry Visa

So what are the documents you will need for a B1 B2 multiple entry visa? Let's review them below.

Valid Passport: You need a valid passport issued by your home country not more than ten years earlier. The passport must remain valid for the next six months after the day you plan to leave the country. Multiple e-visas also require pages for stickers, so your passport must have at least two empty pages.

Digital Photo: A recent digital photograph of you must be uploaded on the visa application form. The photo must be on a white background and meet all the photo requirements of the Department of State.

Visa Fee: You must pay the visa fee before you can submit your application. The visa fee can be paid using a credit or debit card, cheque, money order, or any other method the embassy mandates.

Other Supporting Documents: You may be asked to provide additional supporting documents besides those listed above. The need for the extra document is relative to your country or application.

Are All Visas Valid For 10 Years?

US B visas have a maximum validity of ten years, but that is not to say that all visas issued under this category will carry such a validity. Some may have a short validity depending on the consular officer's recommendation. The good news is that you can always apply for a renewal if it expires. Renewals are much easier if you don't break the rules during your stay in the country and meet all the requirements.

Overstaying Your Visa

If you overstay beyond the six months allowed for non-migrant visitors, you risk canceling your visa and may be barred from entering the country for a long time. Visitors who overstay are classed as illegal migrants, which has far-reaching consequences. That is why you must do everything you can to leave the country before the date on your i-94 Form or passport because the immigration officers will check your passport on your way out, and if they see that you overstayed, you will be flagged as an illegal immigrant.

In a situation where you can't make it back to your country before the deadline, you should contact the authorities to let them know about your situation. Please provide them with a detailed reason why you cannot return to your base or contact the US consulate in your country and explain your situation. They will advise you on the next course of action.

How Much Is the Application Fee?

The application fee is $160 and is not refundable after it is paid. This fee doesn't guarantee that you will get the visa because it is only meant to fund the processing of your application. The embassy or consulate will determine how this fee is paid, but you must pay it; otherwise, you can't submit your application.

Do I need to attend an interview?

An interview is an important aspect of the application process for the following reasons.

If you are renewing your visa: If you are applying for a visa renewal, you don't need to show up at the embassy for an interview, as that will not be necessary unless the embassy asks for your presence.

Your age: Persons above 79 and below 14 are not mandated to visit the embassy for interviews on compassionate grounds. Their documents will be processed in their absence.

The US B1 B2 multiple entry visa allows visitors to enter the US several times within a calendar and is an ideal document for frequent travelers.

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