How to schedule a US consular interview for b1/b2

Are you applying for the B1 B2 Visa? If so, do you need clarification about the application process, and how can you schedule the visa interview?

Applying for the B1 B2 visa is hassle-free and simple if you know all the steps you must take. One step in applying for the B1 B2 visa includes appearing for the visa interview. However, you can only give the visa interview if you have scheduled it.

Therefore, this article will help you understand the process of scheduling a visa interview appointment for the B1 B2 visa with the US Consulate!

Scheduling a US Consular Interview Appointment for the B1 B2 Visa

The B1 B2 visa enables foreign travelers to travel to the US for tourism, business, or visiting purposes. If your main purpose of traveling is to explore the country or visit your family members or friends, you must get a B1 B2 visa. The B1 visa is primarily for business, and the B2 visa is for tourism.

Hence, before applying for the visa, determine the purpose of your travel so that you apply for the right visa.

To schedule the Consular interview, the very first thing you must do is complete the form DS-160. This is the form needed for the visa application and the nonimmigrant visa application form.

To fill out this form, there are certain things that you need to provide, such as your valid passport details, picture, travel itinerary, and the dates regarding your trip to the US, which includes departure and arrival dates both. Moreover, in this form, you can also state whether or not you want to apply for the visa interview waiver. The waiver will depend on whether or not you are eligible for it. Apart from the DS-160 form, you will need other supporting documents such as letters from your employer, invitation letter, proof of sufficient funds, etc.

Once you have properly filled out the DS-160 form with your details, you must choose the Embassy or Consulate where you will apply. You must go to the nearest Embassy or Consulate and apply for the visa there.

Next, you are supposed to pay the visa fee. Paying the visa fee is an integral part of completing the visa application. Your application request will only be catered to by paying the fee; otherwise, your visa request will be rejected.

Once you have completed these requirements, you must schedule your visa appointment. The visa applicants should remember that they cannot directly go to the Embassy or Consulate and must arrange an appointment before their visit. You can schedule the visa appointment online as well! You can arrange the appointment at your convenience but keep in mind that there might be a wait for your appointment.

Once your visa interview appointment date is scheduled, you must be present on the interview day. And ensure that you bring all your required documents.

However, you can also apply for the visa interview waiver if eligible. For the visa interview waiver program, you will not be required to attend the interview. For this, you must check out the eligibility criteria, and if you are eligible, you can skip the interview. To do so, you must fill out the visa interview waiver confirmation page in the form DS-160.

What is the Timeframe for the Appointment?

The appointment can take up to three months maximum to be approved. This depends on the Embassy or Consulate you have applied at, and the processing time can differ according to that.

Can the Interview be Rescheduled?

Yes, you can reschedule the interview. However, the interview appointment can be rescheduled a limited number of times. Once the limit is exceeded, you will be required to apply for the visa application all over again.

Some people may not have to appear for the interview if they apply through the US interview waiver program and are eligible. However, the US visa interview is waived for those who have previously applied for a US visa. Hence, do check if you can get the US visa appointment waiver.

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