How to apply for US b1/b2 visa

Traveling to the US is a big deal as there is so much to see in God’s own country, but you need to know how to apply for US b1/B2 visa if you want to visit as a visitor. The United States offers different visas to foreign nationals, and the B1 and B2 visas are one such. In this article, we want to explain what these visas are for and how to apply for them.

What Is A B1/B2 US Visa?

B1 and B2 visas fall under the B visa category and are short term visas issued to visitors coming to the US as non-immigrant travelers. By nonimmigrant travelers, we mean that they are only temporary visitors, not persons looking to stay back for a very long time. These visas can be issued separately or jointly, depending on what you want. 

Let’s explain what both visas are used for

B1: The B1 nonimmigrant Visa is for business travelers coming to the US for business meetings or any business-related engagement. It is not a work visa but a temporary visa to settle estates, attend seminars, meetings, or any other economic activity that will not warrant the person getting paid directly for any service rendered.

B2: B2 visa is for tourists coming into the country for vacation or any other social or leisure activity. This visa can also be used to visit family and friends or to attend religious, art, or social event.

B1/B2: For persons who want greater flexibility for their travels, they can apply for a joint B1/B2 visa which allows them to visit the US for fun or business.

Both visas are temporary visitor visas issued by US embassies and consulates abroad. To get any of these visas, you must apply for it in your home country or country of residence, not while you are in the US; while one can get it from a country of residence, it is much easier when one is applying from a country they are originally from.


How To Apply For US B1 B2 Visa?

Here are the steps to apply for a B1 B2 visa.

Complete The Application: There is an application form called the DS-160 form which you must complete. This form contains data sections where you must input the right information for each section. There is also a section for a digital passport into which you must upload a recent passport sized photograph that meets photo requirements. After completing the form, submit it, and a confirmation email containing a code will be sent to you. Please print it out and keep it in a safe place because the embassy will ask for it.

Pay The Application Fee: You must pay a visa application fee to the embassy account using a designated method. The fee is $160 and should be paid, after which a receipt will be generated, which you must also print out and save for reference purposes. Note that paying this fee does not guarantee that you will get your application approved, and it is non-refundable.

Schedule An Appointment: You must then schedule an appointment with the US embassy in your country or a neighboring country if there is no embassy in your country. For most visa applicants, they have to book two different appointments. The first is with a licensed visa application center for their photograph and biometrics to be captured, and the second is for the visa interview with the US embassy. If you have to book an appointment with a visa application center, you must carry your passport number, visa fee receipt, and the bar code number on the visa application confirmation page you got. Once the booking is done, an interview date will be communicated to you.

Attend The Interview: Attend the interview on the day the embassy has scheduled and come along with copies of all the required documents. The documents you should carry with you to the embassy are the confirmation page you got after submitting the application form, a recent photograph taken not later than six months ago, a valid passport, and other supporting documents depending on the demands of the US embassy in your country.

Do All Applicants Need To Attend Interviews For B Visas?

An interview is optional for all applicants. Persons under the age of 14 and above the age of 80 are exempted from interviews on compassionate grounds. Those not within this age bracket must present themselves at the embassy for the interview unless they are applying for a visa renewal, not a new visa.

If you want your application to be successful, we have shown you how to apply for US B1 B2 visa.  Follow the steps in the article, and hopefully, your application will be approved.

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