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Are you an investor, or do you have an upcoming business meetings in the United States of America? You will need a US business visa for that. A business visa to the US is required for all nationals of foreign countries who are not on the US business exempt list. This visa is one of the most sought-after visas issued by the US government through its numerous embassies and consulates abroad.

Types of US Business Visa

There are different types of business visas with unique features. The one you apply for should depend on your requirements, and we review them below for your clear understanding.

B1 Business Visa: This short-term visa is valid for only six months. Holders of this visa can negotiate contracts but are not allowed to sign them or perform any type of work, and they cannot be hired during their time in the country.

B2 Business Visa: This B2 visa is also called a short-term tourist visa because it is flexible. Holders can negotiate contracts but cannot sign. It is temporary and valid for 6 months.

E1 Treaty Visa: The treaty visa is suited for those who wish to set up businesses in the US that will be affiliated with the business in their home countries. This visa is only allowed for businesses in foreign countries with a trade treaty with the United States, and it is renewable until the conclusion of the business arrangement.

E2 Treaty Visa: The E2 version of the treaty visa is for those looking to set up a new business branch in the US, and it is renewable until the business is no longer active.

EB-5 Visa: Also called the Investor Green Card Program, the basic requirement of this visa is for the investor to have an investment fund of $500,000 - $1 million. The applicant must also hire a minimum of 10 US residents within the first 24 months after they enter the country with the intention to run the business for more than 5 years. If the business lasts more than 5 years, the investor will be eligible for permanent residency.

L1 Intercompany Visa: The transfer visa, as it is fondly called, is a special visa that allows the holder to transfer from a company based abroad to a US company. The visa allows for three extensions, and it is valid for a year. To qualify, the applicant must have worked with the foreign country for more than a year over the last 36 months.

H-1B Labor Visa: This is another type of business visa, but it is for specialized labor. The US government, through its missions abroad, has a restricted number of quotas for this visa. It is valid for three years and renewable, but self-employed persons cannot apply for it.

Q&1 Extraordinary Ability Visa: As the name implies, this visa is for persons with extraordinary ability; they must show evidence that they possess the ability which sets them apart from others. It is valid for up to three years and renewable.

These are the different types of US business visas available to foreign nationals; if you wish to apply for any of them, you must meet their unique requirement.

 Note: This visa is not for medical treatment, tourism, or for courses.

Documents For US Business Visa

When applying for a US business visa, there are documents you will need to submit to the US embassy. These documents are basic, with additional documents depending on the visa type you are applying for. Here are the basic documents you must have

Valid Passport: You need a passport issued by your home government which must meet basic requirements such as a minimum of 6 months validity and 2 blank pages for US immigration stamps and visa stickers. The passport must be issued not later than 10 years ago.

Proof of Funds: There are different minimum financial requirements for this visa.These requirements are important and critical to the success of your application. Before submitting your application, do your due diligence. You must also submit bank statements or show documentary proof that you have the financial capacity to meet the visa requirements.

Cover Letter: You must provide a signed personal letter explaining your intentions for a visit.

Employer Letter: If you are an employee, you must submit a letter from your employer containing basic information about your trip and company profile.

Proof of Ownership: If you are the business owner, you need to submit proof of ownership

You may also have to provide insurance and other supporting documents to validate your application. These documents must be valid and bear your name unless where that is unnecessary.

These are the requirements the official will request from you at the visa interview if you want a US business visa. To get this visa, submit your application and documents at the US embassy in your country.

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