US visa interview questions and answers for b1/b2

If you are preparing for a B Visa interview, you need to know the IS Visa interview questions and answers for B1/B2, especially if you are applying for a Category B Visa. The interview phase is an important part of the visa application process, and only those who pass the interview will be issued the visa. Many applications worry about these visitor visa interview questions because they know many before they have been rejected due to poor Interview performance. If you want your case to be different, you must prepare beforehand to do well. In this post, we want to explore a list of probable questions the visa officer will ask you, including other relevant information about the B visa.

What Is A B Visa For The US?

This visa is a temporary non-immigrant visa issued to persons who want to visit the US for a short time. The visa has two versions; the B1 and B2 visa. B1 is for business trips, while B2 is for social visits like tourism, family visits, attending social events and festivals, etc. These visas are valid for 180 days and allow the holder to stay in the US for 90 days. It is not a work or residency visa and can only be extended under special conditions.

Documents For US B Visa

This visa requires certain documents which the applicant must submit to the embassy. In some countries, the embassies accept the application directly from applicants, while in others, this can only be done indirectly through visa agents. The applicant must submit The following.

Form 160 Application Form: An application form duly filled and signed by you containing all the relevant information.

Passport: A valid passport will remain active for six months after departure. The passport must also have at least two empty pages for visa stickers, and Passports older than a decade are not accepted.

Digital Photo: A digital photo that meets the image regulations of the Department of State.

Travel Itinerary: A travel itinerary is required, which includes your two-way flight ticket reservation.

Previous Entry Data/Visa: If you have data for your Previous five visits to the US or data, kindly include it.

CV: The US embassy will require you to provide valuable information about your current and future education and qualifications, including other necessary information about your professional life.

US Visa Interview Questions And Answers For B1/B2 Visa

Let's review some common interview questions you will likely be asked.

Why Do You Want To Go To The US?

This is perhaps the first question you will be asked, and you need to be very clear with your answers. State your case boldly and honestly, and remember that your answers must reflect what you filled in your application form.


Why Have You Chosen This Time Instead Of Another?

This question may likely come if your trip is not time based due to your commitment in the US. Explain to the visa officer why you have chosen this time. You may reply by saying the time is convenient as you have to return home later for future commitments.


How Long Do You Want To Stay, And Can You Not Fulfil Your Commitment At A Shorter Time?

The reason for this question is simple; the embassy doesn't want you to overstay your visa or stay for too long. A good way to answer this question is to give a detailed breakdown of what you will be doing from the day you arrive. This will give the interviewer a mental picture of your itinerary.

Do You Have A Place To Stay? Where?

You must have already made a reservation for a place, so answer affirmatively and provide the property's address in the US.

How Much Do You Believe Your Trip Will Cost? Do You Have The Means, And Can You Show Me?

The interviewer wants to know whether you can fund your expenses, as they want you to avoid becoming a liability in the system. They must see a bank statement for the last 3-6 months. Provide the statement as proof and tell the interviewer that you can afford the trip.

What Do You Do For A Living?

If you are a professional, provide detailed information about your profession and employer. If you are self-employed, provide information about your trade.

What Is Your Annual Income?

Your annual income is how much you earn every month multiplied by 12. Give an exact figure, not an estimated one. If possible, give the figure in the dollar equivalent.

Other questions may include

  • Do you have a family, and how many children?

  • Do you own a car or House or any physical asset

  • Do you have travel insurance or plan to purchase it

  • Who will look after your home when you leave the country

These are common US visa interview questions for B1/B2 visa. Study them and have convincing answers for each of them.

Your travel destination  
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