US b1 b2 visa validity period

The US B1 B2 visa validity period has remained the same for many years, and the situation has not changed for years. The visa is not a long-term but a temporary stay visa issued to tourists and business persons coming for short visits. The United States government introduced this visa to allow for easy and legal entry into the United States for foreigners from non visa exempt countries, so if you have any plans to visit the US for a short time, this is probably the type of visa you want to apply for.


B1 B2 Visa Uses

The B1 visa is meant for business trips to the United States. You can use it to attend business meetings, seminars, conferences, and fairs, sign contracts, pursue investment interests, or for professional consulting. The B2 visa is for leisure and tourism, like spending one's holiday, visits to family and friends, social, religious, or sporting events, etc. 

US B1 B2 Visa Validity Period

Although both visas are issued for different reasons, they have the same validity period of 6 months and above. As you must know, these non-immigrant visas are quite flexible with no standard validity; Instead, US embassies issue them based on the individual. However, the good news is that they are often issued as multiple-entry visas. 

Some persons are fortunate to get a ten-year b1 or B2 visa.

Visa Cost

The application fee for these visas is $160, which does not include other service fees you may incur along those lines. The Thai fee is specifically for the embassy to process your application, and without paying the fee, you will not even be allowed to submit your documents.

Note: From May 30, 2023, the application fee for B visa applications will increase by 15%, according to the Department of State. Embassies will continue to accept the fees in the local currency equivalent.


What Is The Processing Time For B1 B2 Visa?

The processing time for a B1 B2 visa is an average of two months. Persons applying for renewal may not have to wait this long as they may not need to attend an interview at the embassy. Some embassies process applications faster than others, so there is a different time. To ensure the processing time is in your country, we advise you to visit the US embassy's official website to ascertain the time. Also, note that if you are applying for a visa in a country that is not your home country, you may need to wait much longer.

Who Is Eligible For US B1 B2 Visas?

To be eligible for this visa, you must prove the following.

Financial Sufficiency: You must prove that you can cover your traveling and living expenses in the US. Your ability to fund your trip or have a capable sponsor is very important.

Short-Term Plans: The embassy will maintain a default position that you plan to stay for much longer as an immigrant, so the onus lies with you to prove that you only plan to stay in the US for up to six months each time you visit.

No Plans To Work 

Persons who don't plan to work during their stay are eligible for the visa, but those that do will not be given it.

Home Ties: The person must prove that they have ties with their home country, such as a spouse, children, or parents and/or real estate asset that will cause them to return home.


Who Doesn't Need The US B1 B2 Visa?

This visa is not required for persons from visa-exempt countries, and 38 such countries have visa liberalization agreements with the US government. Most of these countries are members of the European Union, and their citizens are allowed to visit the US with a visa waiver called ESTA. The ESTA allows them to stay in the country for up to 90 days.

Documents For B1 B2 Visa

Here are the documents the US embassy in your country will ask for.

  • A valid passport with a minimum of six months validity beyond the date of departure from the US

  • Recent Digital Photo

  • The digital photograph that complies with the photograph requirements of the Department of State

  • Previous Visits: The embassy will ask for the dates of your five visits to the United States if you have visited before.

  • A financial statement showing proof of funds sufficient enough to cover the cost of the trip, accommodation, travel, and order living expenses

  • Family ties proof to show that you will come back home, e.g., job, property, or even family ties

  • Visa receipt to prove that you paid the application fee

Now that you know the US B1 B2 visa validity period, we recommend you gather these documents and submit your application on time so the visa will be ready before your trip.

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