How long can we stay in US with b1 b2 visa?

How long can we stay in the US with b1 b2 visa? If you have this visa, you can enter the United States for a short time, but how long? This article contains all you need to know about the US B visa and its validity, so keep reading to know more.

The Category B Visa

The US B visa is divided into B1 and B2 visas. But visas are short-term, non-immigrant visa which grants access to the United States. They are called non-immigrant visas because holders cannot live in the US permanently or for too long; they are for short visits and nothing more. One is called the B1 visa, which is basically for business trips. 

Persons coming to the US to attend a business meeting or convention, negotiate and sign contracts, settle estates, or pursue investment interests may apply for this visa.

The B2 visa is for leisure activities such as visiting friends and family, spending holidays, enjoying vacation time, or attending a social or religious event in the country. The B2 visa is a tourist visa because it is issued for tourism. 

Then there is the B1 B2 visa, a combination of but visas to offer holders flexibility if using the same document for business and pleasure rather than applying for two visas and using them concurrently if they want to do business and enjoy their holidays at the same time.

B1 and B2 visas may have different purposes, but they have the same features, such as their validity, allowing holders to remain in the US for up to 6 months per visit. Also, they can remain valid for up to a year or more, depending on the applicant’s needs.

How Long Can We Stay In the US With B1 B2 Visa?

These visas allow you to stay in the United States for up to 6 months per visit depending on your visa validity. This means you can travel to any part of the country and enjoy the sights and sounds of the country as long as you play by the rules. It will also interest you to know that the visa is a multi-entry visa which means you can use it as many times as you wish if it is valid.

What You Cannot Do With This Visa?

Study: You can only study in some of the higher institutions in the US with this visa as a part-time or full-time student. If you must study, it is only for a short-term training course that will be at most 180 days.

Get Paid For Job: During your stay in the US, you are not allowed to engage in any job and get paid for it because the visa does not grant you a work permit. Engaging in any economic activity that will earn you income is a violation.

Work As A Journalist: You must not work as a journalist for any foreign media outfit during your time in the US

Crewmember: Crewmembers on ships and aircraft are not allowed to enter the United States with this visa

Permanent Residency: You cannot seek permanent residency in the US with this visa.

How To Apply For B1 B2 Visa?

You can apply for a B1 B2 visa if you dont qualify for a visa waiver program by doing the following.

Fill out the form: You can start by completing the DS-160 form for non-migrant visitors. The application form has sections that must be completed, and you must indicate the visa you want. Your personal and background information will be requested, and a space for signature will be available. After submitting it, a confirmation page will be generated, and a code will be sent to you. Print out the page and save the code.

Pay The Application Fee: The visa application fee for a B1 B2 visa is $160, which should be paid to the US embassy. This fee is solely for processing and does not include the visa issuance fee or any other service cost you may incur, especially if you use the services of a visa application center.

Book An Interview: The best step is to book an interview with the embassy if you are between 14-79 years. You can book the appointment through intermediaries or the embassy. To be sure of the process, contact embassy representatives or visit the official website of the US embassy in your country to know more.

Compile Documents & Attend The Interview: Compile the standard documents including a valid passport, visit the embassy on the interview day, and present your documents to them.

How long can we stay in the US with b1 b2 visa is 180 days per visit. You must apply for a long-stay visa if you wish to stay much longer.

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