US b1 b2 visa Hong Kong

Are you a citizen of Hong Kong, and you will like to travel to the US for a short visit? You will need to apply for a US B1 B2 visa in Hong Kong. This visa is a temporary visa for business persons and tourists. The B1 version is used for professional consultations, business trips, estate settlement, negotiations, research, attending conferences and conventions, etc.

The B2 visa, on the other hand, is for attending social events, touring the US, or spending your holidays. Essentially, it is for recreational activities.

When both are combined, you get the US B1 B2 visa, which the Embassy gives most Hong Kong citizens. With this visa, they can travel to the US to engage in business or pleasure for a period of 180 days per visit. The B1 B2 visa has significant value to the holder because it is mostly issued as a multiple entry visa with a ten year validity. This means that once you get it, you will not need to go through the stress of applying for another visa for a very long time.

US B1 B2 Visa Hong Kong Eligibility

Only a visa applicant who is eligible for the visa will get it. The US Immigration & Nationality Act states that the applicant for this visa must overcome the following legal presumption during the visa interview

  • The purpose of their visit is only temporary for business, medical treatment, and pleasure, not for residency

  • That they plan to leave the country at a specific time

  • That they have evidence to show that they have the financial means to cover their expenses

  • They have a residence outside the US as well as binding economic and family ties abroad

As you can see, the burden of proof is on foreign nationals to prove that they don’t plan to stay in the US as immigrants but as visitors and for only a short time.

Documents For Hong Kong Applicants

Hong Kongers applying for the US B1 B2 visa must submit the following documents to the Embassy.

Application Form: A nonimmigrant Form DS-160 application that can be downloaded or obtained from the US embassy in Hong Kong. The applicant must fill out and sign the form with no section left empty.

Hong Kong Passport: The applicant must possess a Hong Kong traveler's passport that will remain valid for the next six months after their passport expires. American Embassies do not accept passports older than ten years, so bear that in mind. Furthermore, it must have at least two empty pages.

Photograph: A digital photograph not older than 180 days that meet the required photo format of the US Department of State.

Receipt: A receipt to prove that they have paid the visa fee for the visa. The fee can be paid in dollars or the local currency, and the receipt generated should be attached to the other documents for submission. Note that the fee is not refundable.

Interview Confirmation Letter: An interview confirmation letter as proof that they were issued an appointment by the Embassy to come for the interview on a particular day.

Visa Application Fee

Although there is a herbal notice that the visa application fee is set to increase by 15% in the coming months, however, the standard fee is $160. How this fee will be paid will be determined by the Embassy. With this fee, your application will be processed.

How Long Can Hong Kongers Live In The US?

Hong Kongers can live in the US with a B1 B2 visa for 180 days per visit. They are allowed to stay only because the visa is not an immigrant visa that offers the holder permanent residency. Staying beyond 180 days will be viewed as a violation and attract sanctions.

Can Hong Kongers Work With B1 B2 Visa?

This visa is a visit visa, not a work visa. Visitors are not allowed to work or get paid for any job as performers or professionals. If they wish to work in the US, they must apply for a work visa instead. In a similar vein, they are not allowed to study in any academic institution with this visa as it is not a student visa.

Can The Visa Be Renewed?

The B1 B2 visa can be renewed if you apply for a new one at least within the last 12 months after it expires. Applicants who meet certain conditions will only have to come for an interview if the Embassy requests their presence, and they will be asked to submit the same documents for a new visa application.

The US B1 B2 visa Hong Kong is open now for citizens of Hong Kong who wish to visit the US for a short visit. All applications should be forwarded to the US embassy.

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