US visa interview questions b1 b2 in Nigeria

Visa applicants from Nigeria need to know the US visa interview questions B1 B2 in Nigeria if they want to be successful with their application. We know that the interview is an essential part of the process, and only those who pass it will be given the visa eventually. After completing the application form, the applicant needs to submit it along with a set of documents to try the embassy or consulate.

The next step is to book an appointment with the embassy for an interview, and this is when these questions will be asked as the application is being reviewed. To ensure that you pass the interview with flying colors, we present some common questions visa officers ask and how to answer them correctly.

The US B Visa

The United States Category B visa is a short term visa issued to the non immigrant for Business or tourism. This visa is quite popular among short term visitors because most come with a ten-year validity and multiple entries. Holders can visit the United States for up to 180 days per visit before returning to their home countries or country of residence. There are two versions of the Category B visa.

The first version is the B1 which is essentially issued solely for business trips. Persons with businesses in the US or who wish to settle an estate, attend a business negotiation, or sign a contract can avail of this visa.

The second version is the B2 visa which is for tourism and other leisure activities. This can also be used to attend concerts and social events or visit friends and family living in the US. There is also a combined B1 B2 visa that can be used for Business and pleasure; this offers greater flexibility.

US B1 B2 Requirements

Here is the documentary requirement the embassy will ask for.

Valid Passport l: A valid passport is a vital document you must present. The passport must have been issued not later than ten years ago and must have a minimum of 6 months validity and two empty pages for visa stamps.

Form DS-160: You must fill out and sign the visa application form.

Digital Passport Photograph: A recent digital photograph of you that complies with US visa photo requirements.

Dates Of Previous Visits: The dates of your previous five US visits have been the US before.

CV or Resume: Information about your education and professional experience.

Itinerary: Travel flight reservation and the dates for your arrival and departure.

Proof of financial means: The authorities want to be sure that you have the financial capacity to cover your bills.

These are the required documents; however, additional documents may be required.

US Visa Interview Questions B1 B2 In Nigeria

In the previous paragraphs, we explained what the Category B visa was and the two types then we went further to list the documents you will need for them. In this section, we reviewed common interview questions the embassy will ask you when evaluating your eligibility for the visa. How you answer these questions will determine whether you will be given the visa.

  1. Why do you want to go to the US?

This question will be asked by the visa officer to determine the purpose of your trip. You want to answer this as clearly as possible so the visa will not be in doubt or suspicious of your reasons. Furthermore, your answer should reflect the information you provided in your application form.

2.      Are you married, or do you have kids?

If you are married with or without kids, answer clearly. If not, answer all the same.

3.      Who will take care of your family when you are gone?

This question is asked of people who have kids or are married. The authorities want to know whether you have family ties that will bring you back to Nigeria.

4.      Why have you chosen this date for your trip Instead of another?

They want to know if you chose this date for a particular reason or just for convenience and how that ties into the reason for your trip.

5.      How long will you stay, and will six months be enough to conclude your Business?

You must reply to this question with an established timeline of your activities and how to finish them within six months. If this time is insufficient, the visa officer may reject your application.

6.      Do you have property here in Nigeria?

This question this will be asked to establish your ties to Nigeria and whether you will ever come back after your trip.

There are a few other US visa interview questions B1 B2 in Nigeria, but these six are quite common.

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