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Mexican citizens have been able to apply for a US B1 B2 visa Mexico for a long time now to make the short trip across the border. The United States remains the most popular country on earth, pulling in millions of visitors annually from around the globe. The country is prosperous, with an impressive infrastructure, historic landmarks, a natural landscape, and a burgeoning economy. All these elements make the United States an attractive destination for business and pleasure. For non-immigrants coming to the US for short term engagements, B1 and B2 visas were introduced to facilitate such trips.

Obtaining this visa as a Mexican in Mexico before traveling to the US is mandatory, but you must be eligible for it. Eligibility is key because, as we noted before, the visa is only for short-term trips. Here are the eligibility conditions

  • Your activities will not take more than 180 days

  • You are not coming for work or long-term study

  • Your passport will be valid for at least six months after your departure

Documents For US B1 B2 Visa

The documents for a nonimmigrant visa application are still in the same document for renewals, and here are the documents they will ask for.

Application Form: The visa application form must be filled by you, not by another person, and signed. This document, called Form DS-160, has sections for key information. Ensure that every section is filled out correctly.

Valid Passport: A valid Mexican passport with a minimum of six months validity beyond your departure date. The passport you use for the application must be the same one you travel with should the visa be granted. Only passports issued at most ten years ago will be accepted. 

Previous Travel History/Visa: If you are a frequent traveler, you should provide copies of your previous visas or the dates of your last five trips.

Proof of Funds: The authorities will want to evaluate your financial capacity to cover your travel and living expenses in the US. This can be done by submitting a statement of account issued by your bank showing a sufficient credit balance.

Travel Itinerary: Your travel itinerary should include your departure and arrival dates, flight or bus ticket reservation, and the places you intend to visit, among other key details.

Photo: A digital photo of you that meets the Department of State visa requirements. 

The visa officer may also request some supporting documents aside from these.

How Long Can You Stay In The US?

You can stay in the US on a B1 or B2 visa for six months. This maximum period starts counting from the moment you set foot in the country as a non-immigrant, and you must leave on or before the 180th day. The United States Immigration and border control agency takes this seriously, and persons who flout their visas' provisions are fined or refused visas in the future.

How Much Is The Visa?

B1 and B2 visas cost $160, which can be paid in dollars or Mexican Pesos. This fee is only refundable if your application is successful, and paying it is not a guarantee the visa will be given to you. 

How To Apply For A B1 B2 From Mexico?

All Mexican passport holders who may want to visit the US must secure a visa before they make the trip. The application process is as follows.

Decide Between B1 and B2: The first thing you must do is decide which visa you want. A B1 visa is for business trips, while B2 is for tourism and leisure. Decide on the one you want.

Fill out The Form: The form for B1 and B2 visa applications is called a Form DS-160. Fill out the form accurately and choose the visa you want by ticking the appropriate box. Then pick a processing time that suits you. 

Review the information you have filled in for mistakes before submitting. You will get a confirmation page to print out and bring with you for the interview.

Book A Visa Appointment: You must book an appointment with the embassy or consulate in Mexico for an interview unless you are renewing the non immigrant visa, and an interview is optional. A date will be scheduled for you, so prepare for the interview.

Prepare your documents: the abovementioned documents should be prepared before the interview, as the visa officer will demand original copies.

Attend the interview: Attend the interview and submit your documents to the embassy for review. You will also be asked questions, which you must answer clearly and honestly.

Interviews take only a short time, and you will be asked to leave. In due course, you will receive feedback regarding your application.

Exchange Visitor Visa Processing Time

The visa processing timeframe is uncertain and subject to different factors, but you may wait up to 2 months to get a US B1 B2 visa Mexico.

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