US b1/b2 visa application South Africa

The US B1/B2 visa application South Africa is available to South Africans who wish to apply for a visa to the United States. The application is open to eligible South Africans for business or tourism, and successful applicants can stay in the US for up to 180 days. Are you planning a business or holiday trip to the US anytime soon? You want to read this article until the end, as it has updated information about the visa process.

The Category B Visa Explained

The United States of America is the most visited country in the world, and foreign nationals come into the country holding migrant or nonmigrant visas. One of the visas available to visitors is the Category B visa, a non immigrant visa. This visa is essentially for short visits that will not last more than 180 days, and there are two types, namely the B1 and the B2 visa. Let us explore them.

B1 Visa: The B1 visa is for South African business people and professionals. This visa is for those coming for business meetings, seminars, events, contract negotiations, contract signing, settling estates, or engaging in any type of business related activities that will not earn you direct income in the process.

B2: The B2 is also a short term visa, but it is solely for leisure. Tourists can enter the US with this visa to spend their holidays, get medical treatment or visit family and friends.

The Embassy may choose to give out hybrid immigrant visas that allows the holder to do business and enjoy their leisure time in the US. Hybrid visas are more flexible, but the applicant must meet certain conditions.

US B1 B2 Cost For South Africans

The cost of a B1 and B2 visa is the same and is $160. This fee is for the application and does not include any additional service fee you may incur. Also, note that the fee is not refundable, and how you pay the fee will be determined by the Embassy or consulate. The most common method is to pay the equivalent of the fee in South African Rands into the embassy bank account or to issue a cheque or bank draft for it. Whichever route you take, make sure that you attach the original receipt to your list of documents for reference.

Do I Need An Interview For This Visa?

Most international travelers will be asked to come to the Embassy to be interviewed by a visa officer as part of the mandatory procedure. It is during the interview that original document copies will be checked. However, there are two reasons why an interview may be optional; here they are.

Age: Visa interviews are only necessary for persons between 14 and 79. Minors under 14 and persons 80 and above don’t need to present themselves for interviews.

Renewal: A Nonimmigrant visa holder renewing their visas can mail their documents to the Embassy for processing and don’t have to appear in person unless invited by the Embassy.

If you fall into any of these categories, you need to come in for an interview.

How Do I Book A US Visa Interview In South Africa?

You can book an interview with the Embassy or consulate in South Africa. This can be done directly or through agents. Once your appointment is confirmed, an interview date will be sent to you with a confirmation page. Please print out the confirmation and bring it to the Embassy or consulate on the set date.

US B1 B2 Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a US B1 B2 visa is not guaranteed due to a constant backlog of unprocessed applications. You should also know that unless your case is different, your application can only go to processing if you have undergone the interview phase. Applicants who book appointments may get a date for two or three weeks or even longer, depending on the period. So if you apply for a visa, expect to get your visa in 6-7 weeks' time or more.

Can You Work With A B1 B2 Visa?

You can’t work with a B1 or B2 visa because that is not what these visas are meant for. These visas are for business and tourism only and don’t qualify the holder for a work or residency permit. In fact, working with this visa while in the US is a crime that attracts sanctions. If you have any intention of working, then consider a work visa instead.

Visa B1 B2 Documents For South Africans

  • Completed visa application form

  • Valid South African passport

  • Recent digital photograph

  • Proof of funds

  • Previous Visas

  • Visa fee receipt

  • Travel Itinerary and ticket reservation

  • Proof of accommodation

These are the US B1 B2 visa application South Africa requirements.

Your travel destination  
Visa type
Your citizenship
Living in
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