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The US B1 B2 visa India are two of the most common visas issued to Indian citizens by the US Consulates and embassies. These visas are a big deal for anyone wishing to visit the United States briefly. You must go through the procedure to obtain the visa, from the documents required to the appointment booking and interview process. In this article, we have all the information you will need covered, so read on to know more.


What Is A B1/B2 Visa?

The B1 and B2 visas fall under the category B visa, which is a non immigrant visa for short term visitors. 

These visas are issued to travelers from non visa exempt countries, and India is one such country. While the B1 visa is strictly designed for business trips, the B2 can be used for business, tourism, or leisure trips to the US. Most of the visas issued under this class are valid for six months to a year, but some persons who qualify for longer validity after receiving several such visas may get up to 10 years of validity.

You can apply for a B1 visa to travel to the US to settle an estate, negotiate a contract, invest in a business, or attend seminars, conferences, events, or meetings. For B2 visas, you can use it for business trips or for taking a tour of the US, spending your vacation, receiving medical treatment, attending concerts or live events, visiting friends or relatives, or participating in charity shows.

US B1/B2 Visa India Eligibility

As an Indian citizen, you are eligible for these visas if your purpose aligns with any of the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph. In a nutshell, you should qualify under any of these conditions

  • You intend to live in the US for a short time

  • Show evidence of your financial resources to cover your expenses

  • Submit original documents

  • Signs a statement that you have every intention to return to your country after your trip

US B1/B2 Visa India Documents

Now let’s look at the documents required for this visa.

Passport: You will need to submit an Indian passport valid for the next six months beyond the expiration date of your visa or the date you wish to leave the country and the passport must not be more than ten years old and must have at least two empty pages left.

Digital Photograph: You need a digital photograph of yourself with the appropriate size dimension, and the photo must show your face clearly with no distortions.

Travel Itinerary: You must share details of your travel arrangements, including your arrival and departure dates, including flight reservations.

CV: The embassy will request your academic qualifications, resume, and work experience.

Previous Trips To The US And Dates: If you have visited the US previously, you will need to share details of your previous journey.

These documents are integral to the visa application process, and no one must be omitted. Furthermore, they must be valid, verifiable, and original.

US B1/B2 Application Fee

The application fee for the visa is $160, which is a standard fee. However, you may incur extra charges or other required fees. This fee may be paid in dollars, or the Rupee equivalent, and the receipt is kept for future reference.

The US Visa Interview

The US embassy conducts interviews for persons between the ages of 14 and 79 before they can grant them a B2 visa. The applicant must book this interview, and the embassy or consulate will issue an interview date. These dates are difficult to schedule because of the number of people waiting in line, so booking the appointment several months in advance is best. Once the appointment has been confirmed, the embassy will send you a confirmation letter detailing a date.

At the interview, the embassy will ask vital questions about your reasons for wanting to visit the US and your background. They will also examine your papers to ensure that everything is in order. During the interview, make sure you answer all questions clearly and honestly because they are mostly brief.

Visa Processing Time

The US B1/B2 visa India may take a few weeks or even up to two months or more, depending on the backlog of applications. So you should be very patient and wait for your turn. The key to getting your visa on time is to meet all the requirements and submit the original document. You must also book the interview several weeks or months in advance because the visa can only be issued after the interview, which will take some more time. Visit a US consulate near you if you don’t live in New Delhi.

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