DV lottery interview questions and answers

If you are applying for a diversity visa, you should prepare well ahead of time for the DV lottery interview questions and answers. The interview is an essential part of the process selected applicants must pass to qualify for the lottery. This article contains information about the DV lottery, including important questions and answers.

The US DV Lottery

The United States diversity visa lottery is an immigration program offering foreign nationals permanent residency. The program offers up to 55,000 applicants permanent residency cards so they legally enter and settle in the country permanently. 

This program has been up for a number of years, and successful applicants are selected randomly using computer-generated systems. Once an applicant is selected, they must attend an interview where they will be asked some questions. Passing the interview is very important, as making the selected list is insufficient. Please keep reading to know some of the questions you will be asked and how to answer them.

DV Lottery Interview Questions And Answers

Here are some of the questions you may be asked.


Why Do You Want To Migrate To The US?

This is a sure question all applicants are asked, and how you answer the question matters. If you are unmarried, you may want to explain to the interviewer that you would like to take advantage of the academic opportunities in the US to further your studies or to build a haven for your family. If you are already married with children, your answer should concern the welfare of your family.

Have You Traveled To The US Before?

If you have, let them know, and don't give false answers. Many applicants need to realize that the US State Department has the information of all visitors from the date of their arrival and departure. Giving a false answer is enough grounds for disqualification.

What Is Your Income per Annum?

Give a clear answer and provide documents to prove your claims. Your tax returns, bank statements, or pay slips for the last three to six months will suffice.

Will You Go Back To Your Country, And At What Point?

This answer should be personal and can go either way. If you plan to return home at some point, let the interviewer know and explain why. US embassies usually issue visas to persons with strong ties with their homelands.


What Will You Do In The US If You Get Permanent Residency?

Explain your interests and your plans for the future. Your interests may be to further your education, land a job learn a new skill, etc. Make sure you have a coherent plan and back it up with information because the interviewer may likely ask follow-up questions based on your answers.


Do You Have A Criminal Record?

Answer yes or no if you don't have a criminal record; provide a Police Clearance Certificate or any authorized document to prove your crime-free past.

Do You Have a Family, And How Many Children?

This is a clear-cut question that requires a straight answer. In most cases, married couples are expected to attend the interview with their questions, and spouses will be asked if they support their partner's relocation efforts. It is important that both parties are on the same page. If one couple will be absent, then they must reschedule the interview.

Things You Should Do Before Attending The DV Lottery Interview

Once you receive the notification for that Green Card DC interview, endeavor to prepare for it by doing the following.

  • Review the instructions sent to you by the US consulate or embassy

  • Take a medical examination for you and every member of your family before the day of the interview

  • All family members must have the required documents in their possession

  • You must pay the visa fee at the embassy or consulate before or after the interview. The arrangement will depend on the standard practice of the consulate

After The Interview

Once the interview is done, you will be informed whether your application has been accepted it denied. In most cases, families who do well in the interview should have all their documents in order to get the visa. If approved, you will get the following

  • The passports of everyone involved will be stamped, and they will be issued a sealed immigration packet which must be presented to the border and customs officers at the airport

  • They will also be issued an immigration visa which must be used to enter the US within six months before it expires

When you enter the US on a diversity visa, you can live in the country as a permanent resident. You will be guided on the residency application process by the authorities, but you need to do well with the DV lottery interview questions and answers first.

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