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The US B1/B2 Philippines renewal process is for the non immigrant of Filipino origin whose visas have expired or are about to expire. With a renewal, you can get a new visa of the same type again without starting from scratch, like when you first applied for the visa. Applying for renewal has several benefits, including that you don't have to attend an interview at the embassy. Below, we explain the visa renewal process and all the requirements involved.

US B1/B2 Philippines Renewal Process

To qualify for a visa renewal, you must meet the following conditions

  • Your visa has already expired

  • The embassy has not recently rejected you after submitting a recent visa application

  • You fulfill the requirements of the visa you wish to renew

  • You are applying for the renewal in the Philippines, not from the US

These are conditions that you make fulfill before the embassy in Manila can renew your visa.

Documents For US B/1/B2 Visa Renewal

Here are the visa requirements you must fulfill to renew your visa.

Filipino Passport: You will need a valid Filipino passport that will remain valid for half a year beyond your departure. The passport must have at least two empty pages for visa stickers.

Previous Passports: If you have been issued a visa before on a different passport, you should attach it to your application or as many as the passports may be

Photos: Two recent passport sized photos that meet US visa photo requirements, and they must be different from the ones used for the initial visa application.

Form DS-160: The Form DS-160 visa application must be correctly filled out and the confirmation page printed for reference.

Proof of Visa Fee: A proof of visa fee payment in the form of a receipt.

The embassy may request additional documents, which you are expected to provide.

How To Renew Your US B1/B2 Visa In The Philippines

Here are the steps to take to renew your visa in the Philippines.

Pay The Renewal Fee: First, you should pay the visa renewal fee using your credit or debit card, and a receipt will be generated after the payment is complete.

Fill out the form: Fill out the DS-160 application form with the correct details and make sure your information is error free.

Please submit The Application: Once you are sure your application is devoid of errors, you can submit it.

How To Pay The Application Fee?

Application fees can be paid into the bank account of the US embassy in the Philippines, or you can pay them online using a credit or debit card. The embassy's official website has all the necessary information regarding the visa fee payment.

Renewal Without A Visa Interview

If you want to renew your visa without facing an interviewer, you must fulfill the following conditions.

  • The visa was issued after the 1st of July 2007

  • Your last visa easy valid for a minimum of five years

  • Your passport is stamped with a B1/B2 visa

  • Your last visa expired within the last 12 months

  • Your most recent visa was issued after you turned 14

  • Your previous visa doesn't have any of these "Travel with employer "or "Clearance received. "

  • You didn't change your name, date of birth, or gender in your previous visa

  • Your previous visa is a B1/B2 visa

  • Your last visa application was approved

These are the conditions that qualify you for a renewal without getting your application approved. Persons who can apply for the visa without interviews can mail their details and documents to the Us embassy. However, if after mailing, the embassy still considers them for an interview, they will send w message asking for an appointment booking for the interview.

How Long Will It Take To Renew My B1/B2 Visa?

The renewal process for a B1/B2 visa and the time it will take will depend on whether an interview will be required or not. Persons who do not need to appear for an interview may get theirs within ten working days, but those who must appear for the interview will have to wait much longer. The embassy will have to check their documents to confirm their validity and then schedule the interview, which will take time.

How Long Will The Renewed Visa Be Valid?

The renewed visa will come with the same validity as the previous visa you had, but this can change at the discretion of the embassy.

It's possible for a US B1/B2 Philippines visa renewal application to be denied if you no longer meet the requirements for the visa. These things happen, and it doesn't mean you will not qualify for another visa again. In such a situation, you must find out why your application was denied, make amends and apply for a new visa again.

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