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The DC Nepal lottery is now open, so Nepalese who are interested in migrating to the United States to become permanent residents can now submit their applications—this year, like every other year prior, about 50,000 immigrants qualify for permanent residency. If your dream is to live in the US, you should read this article to the end to get all the facts about the dv lottery process from Kathmandu.


The US DV Lottery System

The United States diversity visa lottery system is an immigration program created by the US government to choose migrants from other countries who wish to reside permanently in the country. Selected migrants are issued green cards, which is a document to signify that they are legal residents of the country. The program's purpose is to increase immigrant diversity in the US to make the country more racially balanced, which has been the standard for a number of years now. Nepal is one of the countries whose citizens are eligible for the DV program.

However, the visa dv is not open all year round like the normal visa application process; there are specific dates when the portal is open for registration, after which it will be closed and will not be open again until the next year. This is why interested Nepalese applicants are always advised to make hay and apply while registration is still ongoing. The entire process is electronic and will take little time.

DV Lottery Nepal Requirements

The application requirements are few, as applicants only need to complete an application form with their personal information. There isn't a paper electronic application for this, only an electronic application. 

Furthermore, the US Department of State expects the applicant to have some level of education, with at least a high school diploma being the bare minimum or working experience for a position that requires two years of training.

Key Details About The DV Lottery Nepal

To ensure that you are well abreast of the DV lottery details, we have compiled some important information to help you.

The Program Is Free: First, you should know that the DV lottery is free. Unlike visa applications that have visa fees, the Nepal DV lottery doesn't command an application fee.

Beware Of Consultants: When applying for the lottery, beware of consultants who will try to fleece you. You don't need any agent or consultant to assist you in filling out the form because the process is easy and straightforward. If you need assistance, ask a family or friend to help you out. You are responsible for your application, not a third party.

It Is An Electronic Process: The application is done online, and you can access the form online.

List Your Family: When filling out the form, list the name of your spouse and all your unmarried children under the age of 21, including any adopted or stepchildren you may have under the age of 21. Applications without family members will be rendered invalid.

Only One Application: One person cannot submit two or more forms with a plan to game the system. It is only one person to a form; submitting more than one will lead to disqualification.

Use A Recent Photo: Ensure that you use a recent photo. 

Don't use the same photo used in a previous year, and ensure you follow all the photo rules associated with the program. Wearing glasses is prohibited.

Passport: Unlike in the past, there is no need to provide information for a valid or unexpired passport. This information has been scrapped from the application process.

Print The Number: A confirmation number will be generated after submitting the form. Print and save this number, as this is the only item you can use to track your application Status, and never give the number to anyone. The only way to determine if you have been chosen is by entering the number into the portal of the dv.program.state.gov

Email: There is a need to provide a valid email address as part of the registration process, but an email notification will not be sent to successful applicants. Only the confirmation number can be used to check.

Successful Nepalese should note that selection does not guarantee they will be issued a visa to relocate to the United States. 

They will have to go to the US embasy Kathmandu to sit for a visa interview, where the officer will determine whether they are eligible for the visa under US immigration law.

 Also, it is vital always to read the instructions for the new year to know I'd there are changes to the process or program. Adhering to instructions is a key aspect of the process.

This is the information to bear in mind when preparing for the DC lottery in Nepal.

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