US Passport Renewal in Washington DC

Did you know that the US passport renewal Washington DC process is not as complex as you think? Many people have renewed their passports without stress, and you can do the same if you have all the information at your fingertips. This post is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to successfully submit a passport renewal application.

US Passport Renewal Washington DC

Every adult US citizen can renew their passport anytime to embark on any trip outside the country. The Department of State has simplified the renewal process by opening up multiple Agencies across all the States in the Unions, including the capital, Washington, DC.

To renew a US passport, you must have a current one that is on the verge of expiration. Only US citizens by birth or naturalized individuals can qualify for a passport or passport renewal. 

Conditions For US Passport Renewal 

Old Passport Must Be Issued Before 16th Birthday: Your old passport must be issued at or after your 16th birthday. Passports issued to minors under 16 years of age cannot be renewed. Rather the applicant must apply for a new passport.

Less Than 15 Years Ago: Only passports that were issued 15 years ago or less can be renewed. Older passports can be renewed by the Department of State.

Damaged/Stolen/Lost: Passports that are damaged or tattered, lost, or Stolen passport cannot be renewed.

Different Name: If your current passport was issued under a different name and you want a passport with a new name, you must apply for a new passport. Only passports with the same name can be renewed.

These are the special conditions that applicants must meet to renew their passports. Those who cannot meet any of these conditions must apply for a fresh passport instead.

How To Renew Your US Passport

The Department of State has introduced different ways that applicants can renew their passports. You can submit a renewal application through the following means.

Book An Appointment: One option is to book an appointment with the Passport office in Washington if you leave in the Capital or its environs. A date will be sent to you, and on the day, you must present yourself with all the required documents to complete the application. The Passport office in Washington DC is open from Monday – Friday but closed during the weekends and federal holidays.

Consular Services/Embassy: Another way to renew your passport if you live outside the US is to visit the US embassy or Consulate in your country of residence. The officials will provide you with the steps to take to apply for a renewal. Bite that different embassies and consulates have different standard practices. 

By Mail: Those who live far away from a US embassy outside the country can still apply for a renewal by sending their application to Washington, DC, by mail. This option requires a money order to cover the processing cost. A cheque from a US bank is also accepted. The money order or cheque must include the Department of State and be attached to the application form. Besides the processing fee, the applicant must pay the courier fee.

Use VisaHQ Passport Renewal Services: Better still, you can take advantage of VisaHQ’s passport renewal services. You can package all your documents, including the processing and courier fees, and mail them to VisaHQ. For more inquiries, visit VisaHQ and navigate the passport services page to learn more.

Items Required To Renew A Us Passport

You will need the following to renew your US Passport.

Application Form: The passport renewal application form is called the DS-82 form, which is available in Adobe Reader, PDF, or downloadable. This form must be printed and filled, and signed by hand. Better still, you can use an application Wizard to fill it out and sign only online before printing it out. Ensure that you fill it out correctly to avoid rejection.

Photograph: A clear passport photograph on a white background showing your face clearly from your shoulders to the tip of your head.

Fees: The processing fees must be issued in the form of a Money order or JS bank cheque and addressed to the Department of State.

Recent Passport: The recent passport must be included in the application as one of the documents. If your name has changed, you must include a marriage or divorce certificate or court order to validate your new name. 

Note that many airlines and countries will not accept your passport if it expires within the next six months, so endeavor to apply for a renewal before then.

You can apply for a US passport renewal in Washington, DC, by mailing your documents to the passport agency center using VisaHQ passport services. Visit our service page for more information.

Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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