US Passport Renewal in Las Vegas

Any US citizen with the intention to travel abroad requires a passport to do so, and not just any passport but one with extended validity. If you have a passport that will expire in less than 6 months, you need to apply for a US passport renewal Las Vegas. Applying for the passport renewal on time is the only way to avoid travel plan disruptions. Below, we review the various application processes available to applicants.

Types Of Passports

A US passport is one and the same but is issued in one of two forms. A Passport card or a Passport booklet. The passport card is used for land travel but cannot be used for air travel as airlines do not accept it, but the passport booklet, which is much bigger and contains several pages, is used for air travel. Also, passport booklets are more expensive than passport cards. While the application fee for a passport booklet is $130, the Passport card is just $30.

Eligibility Conditions For US Passport Renewal Las Vegas

You must meet certain conditions to be eligible for a passport renewal, and we review them below.

Passport Must Be In Good Condition: Your current passport must be in good condition; otherwise, you cannot use it to apply for a renewal. Passports with tattered leaflets or blurred bio pages are not accepted for renewal.

Not Older Than 15 Years Old: Although US passports have a ten years validity, you can still renew it if yours expired a long time ago, but it must not be older than 15 years from the date it was issued to the date of application submission.

Eligible Age Bracket: The current passport must have been issued when the applicant was 16 years and older, not younger. Passports previously issued to applicants below the age of 16 years are regarded as minors and do not qualify for renewal; rather, they should apply for a new passport.

Name: The name on the application form for a new passport must be the same name on the old passport. If the name has changed for any reason, the applicant must present a legal document to back the name change.

Not For Lost or Stolen Passport: Stolen or Lost passports cannot be renewed because they cannot be provided for verification.

How To Renew A US Passport Las Vegas

There are two ways to renew a US passport, and they are as follows.

Book An Appointment: You can book an appointment with a national passport processing center of the State Department. A date will be scheduled for you to visit the facility and render your documents. After which, you will have to wait about 7-10 weeks to get the passport. This method requires calling the passport agency to book appointments, as walk-ins are not allowed.

By Mail: The second option is to apply for the renewal by mail. This process involves submitting your documents by mail. You must package your documents in a sealed envelope and mail them to the passport facility. You must pay the application fee using a signed money order or bank cheque and two-way postage for the delivery. Applicants in the US must use the United States Postal Service, while Citizens living abroad must use any reputable courier service like DHL, FedEx, etc. A tracking number will be released, which you can use to track the package.

Citizens living abroad can also visit the US embassy or its consular office in their host countries to apply for a renewal. Embassy officials will guide them on how to apply for a renewal.

Using A Passport Service

Another option available to applicants is to use a passport service outfit to deliver their documents to the passport facility. All you have to do is place the old passport in an envelope, including the application fee, means of identification, and any other document required and mail it to the VisaHQs mailing address. This option takes the stress off you and ensures that there are no mistakes with your application and that your documents are in order. For more information, visit VisaHQ to request this service.

Documents Required For Renewals

You will need the following documents to renew your passport.

Application Form: A completed and signed DS-82 application form containing your details.

Old Passport: Your old or current passport must be included in the package and in good condition.

Application Fee: The application fee is payable to the Department of State. You can use a signed money order or a US bank cheque. It must be signed on the front and back of the document.

Passport Photo: A passport photograph that meets the requirements.

Proof of Citizenship: The current passport can be used to prove citizenship, a certificate of naturalization, or a driver’s license issued at least six months before the application.

For a stress-free US passport renewal Las Vegas, order VisaHQ passport service.

Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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