How to change address on passport

How to change address on passport is the same as changing your name or date of birth because the process is the same. If the passport application is already in motion, you don't need to change your address, as changes can be made in the section provided for address. 

The State Department makes it easy for passport holders to change their address by including a page tagged "Personal Data & Emergency Contact," which appears on Page 4 in most cases. If you have not filled this page at the time you collected your passport, then it is easy; just fill in your new address and be done with it (many people prefer to fill this section with a pencil so they can erase it should their address change).

Another section is the one for contact information and a foreign address which can be filled out or changed to reflect your new address or contact. While it is easy to change your address on your passport, the State Department does not issue new passports on this basis alone unless you want to make the change official.

How To Change Address On Passport Officially?

There are official ways to change your address if it is important to you. Here are the provisions available to passport holders.

Use Form DS-5504: One option is to apply to make the changes official using Form DS-5504. You can change your address by including your new address on the form and a recent passport but note that this document is only used if your passport was issued less than 12 months ago. Information on older passports cannot be changed using Form DS-5504. Also, there is no application fee for new passport if it was issued less than 12 months ago.

However, there is an application fee if it was issued more than 12 months ago ago. For a passport renwal, you will need Form DS-82. This change will require you to submit the current passport, and a recent photograph and the new address should be included in the passport, including an application fee. A valid government-issued ID card bearing the new address must also be included.

Other Changes To Your Passport

Besides address changes, you can also apply for other changes, such as the following.

Gender Changes: If your current passport doesn't reflect your gender, you can follow the same process as explained above in the previous paragraph to change it. This will depend on when the passport was issued. 

Depending on the passport's age, you may choose to renew or change some personal details. 

Incorrect Name: Perhaps your name was spelled incorrectly, or you decided to use a variant of the name; you can change it where applicable. A valid ID card is required.

New Status: A newly married or divorced person can apply to have their name changed to reflect their new status. The authorities will request a marriage or divorce certificate to make the change on the new passport.

Errors: All kinds of errors can be fixed on new passports using Form DS-5504 as long as it was issued less than a year ago. If older, you will need DS-82.

When To Apply For A New Passport?

There are situations where a renewal or applying for major or minor changes may not be enough or possible. Using Form DS-82 for passport renewal or DS-5504 for corrections have its limitations. If you don't meet the requirements for renewals or corrections, you will have to apply for a passport from scratch at the passport agency. This may seem problematic, but it is not, as the process is relatively straightforward. And remember that without a passport you cannot apply for a valid visa.

Here are the situations where you may need to apply for a new passport

  • If your current passport is older than 1 year, you cannot apply for corrections using Form DS-5504

  • If your passport is older than 5 years, you may not be allowed to renew it using Form DS-82 

  • If the passport was issued when you were under 16 years of age, you cannot renew it

  • Passports issued to minors cannot be renewed

  • Lost or stolen passports can't be renewed or corrected 

  • Tattered or smeared passports can't be renewed 

If you fall into any of these categories, you cannot change your address or effect any change on your current passport. The only option open to you will be to apply for a new Passport. 

For the passport, you must fill out the DS-11 application form. On the form, you can include your new address and any other major or minor changes you may want on the new passport. New passports have an application fee of $130 for the booklet and $30 for the passport card. Now that you know how to change address on passport, consider your situation and submit the appropriate application form.

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