Form ds 82 for Renewal of US passport

If you want to renew your passport, one of the most important documents you will need is Form DS 82 renewal for US Passport.  This is the application form that contains all the applicant’s personal information, and immigration officers use it to process the new passport. Filling out this document with correct information is important for the success of your passport application, and it must also contain your signature. This page focuses more on Form DS 82 and its different forms.

Renewing Your US Passport

Every year, thousands of applicants within and outside the US renew their passports to travel whenever they please. It is risky to wait until your passport is about to expire before applying for renewal for two reasons; firstly, renewals take time, and your passport may not be ready before the date you plan to travel. 

Secondly, most foreign governments do not accept passports with less than 6 months' validity for visas.

This is why it is advisable to apply for a new passport at least 8 months before your current passport expires or sooner if you are planning a trip.

The DS 82 Application Form

The DS 82 form is the official application form of the US government for passport renewal applications. This form contains the applicant’s personal information and is used in conjunction with other documents to process a new passport. There are three types of DS 82 forms, namely.

Printable Form: This one is filled by hand for physical applications. The applicant simply fills it by hand, attaches their documents, loads them into a large envelope, and ships them to the Consulate or Department of State.

PDF Form: The form is the online version, but it contains the same fields and questions as the printable Form. This one is filled out online and submitted to the consulate or Department of State. Selected US missions only use the PDF version in some countries.

Downloaded Form: The form is downloaded with a link and printed out and filled by the applicant before they scan and upload it and forward it to a designated email of the US authorities.

As you can see, the DS 82 renewal form is the same but in different forms. If the consulate in the country where you reside accepts online submissions, you may use the PDF form, but if only a physical application is accepted, such as an application to the state department, you may need to use the printed form. Those outside the US may need to use one of the three options available.

How To Renew Your US Passport

Passport Renewal By Mail: The mail option is quite popular, especially for citizens who are domiciled outside the US. This option allows them to mail their application directly to the US Department of State for processing. However, it is only open to Citizens in selected countries abroad.

To apply for a renewal by mail, you need to check if you are eligible for mail renewal, as only applicants who meet the conditions qualify for it. Once you are sure you are eligible, the next step is to prepare your application package. This involves including all the required documents in the application form.

The next step is to mail the package to the Department of State using a delivery tracking number which allows you to monitor the location of your documents.

Once officials at the State Department receive your documents, they will process them and issue your passport within 10 weeks or less.

What Is Expedited Delivery?

To expedite the delivery of your DS 82 application form and other documents means fast-tracking the application process by getting your package to the passport office as quickly as possible. 

This service is available in case of emergencies or special cases. Your application and documents will be forwarded using priority mail express when you activate expedited delivery. 

Here are some situations when this service may be required.

Life & Death Situations: If you need the new passport quickly because you are at risk wherever you may be or need to make the trip urgently because human life is at stake, you can apply for expedited delivery. It takes about 3 days to get the passport, but it is only accepted by the Department of State on appointment only.

Urgent Trip: Those who wish to take an urgent Trip within the next 10 weeks cannot wait to get their passport on the tenth week after submission but sooner. A renewal can be fast-tracked under the expedited program, but the appointment must be done within three days before the due travel date. 

However, they must provide proof of their flight Itinerary for that date.

US Passport Renewal Eligibility

Anybody may fill out the DS 82 renewal application form, but not everyone qualifies for a US passport renewal. To renew a US passport, you must be a US citizen by naturalization or birth or be a US national. Passports can be renewed by US citizens at home and abroad.

Do You Need To Fill Out the Form DS 82 for Passport Book or Passport Card?

Form DS 82 is required for both passport books and cards as it contains the applicant’s information. Without this information, the passport office at the State Department will be unable to process the new passport.

US Passport Renewal Requirements

  • Completed Form DS 82 form

  • Citizenship certificate

  • Photo ID card

  • Passport-sized photograph in colored form

  • Processing fee

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Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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