US Passport Renewal in Atlanta

US passport renewal Atlanta for Georgia residents is now possible as the State Department has made it quite easy for passport holders to apply for renewals before their existing passports expire. This page contains the relevant information about a US passport renewal.


Renewing A US Passport

Any US citizen with a US passport is eligible for a passport renewal, provided they meet certain conditions. Passport holders are advised to apply for a renewal at least 6 months before their current passport expires. This is because many foreign embassies and airlines will not issue visas or accept a soon-to-expire passport.

This is why the Department of State has made it easy for citizens within and outside the US to apply for a US Passport renewal.

Conditions That Prevent Passport Renewals

Timeframe: Passports older than 15 years old cannot be renewed. Any citizen with a passport older than 15 years must apply for a new passport instead, not a renewal.

Age: Minors cannot be issued renewed passports. As per US passport law, minors are people below the age of 16. I’d your current passport issued to you when you were below 16 years you can’t renew it.

Damaged Passport: Passports with tattered pages of disfigured bio pages cannot be renewed as the Department of State will not accept them for renewal.

Name Change: Those who have changed their names and want the new name on the new passport cannot renew it unless they can prove they are the same person with a marriage certificate, divorce certificate, or a Court order.


How To Renew Your US Passport

There are different options to renew your current passport before it expires. Here are the options.

Book An Appointment: You can book an appointment with the Passport agency in Atlanta. If a date is confirmed, you must take your documents in person to the office for data capturing and processing. Note that you may have to stand in a queue for a while. This option is ideal for those who live in Georgia and have time on their hands.

Embassy/Consulate: Citizens outside the US can contact the embassy or consulate in their host countries to apply for a passport renewal. Officials at the US embassy will provide information about the items to complete the application.

By Mail: The third option is the renewal by mail. This option is open to citizens within and outside the US or those living in overseas territories. The applicant can package their current passport and other documents into a package and mail them to the passport office in Atlanta or any other office in the Union. Once the passport is ready, it will be mailed to the applicant, including the old passport.  

Passport Renewal Requirements

Here are the documents you need to renew your American passport.

DS-82 Form: A completed renewal application form is required to complete the process. The form must be filled out, signed, and attached with other documents.

Current Passport: The current or old Passport Must be attached to the application; otherwise, the application will not be accepted.

Photograph: A clear passport-sized photograph is needed. The photograph must meet sizing requirements. Avoid wearing glasses or any image-altering gear.

Fee: The application fee must be paid in the form of a money order or US bank cheque. The front and back page of the cheque or money order must be signed and addressed to the Department of State.

Change Of Name Documents: If your name has changed, you must provide a court order, marriage certificate, or divorce certificate where applicable to prove your new identity.

Note: Those applying through embassies and consulates may be asked to provide extra supporting documents.

Passport Renewal Tips

It is advisable to renew your passport before it expires to avoid difficulties with your travel plans. If you live outside the US, consider applying for a renewal at least 9 months before your current passport expires. If you plan to apply for a visa to another country, check their minimum passport requirements (many countries do not accept passports with less than 6 months' validity).

Ensure that you fill out the Form DS – 82 form correctly and attach the necessary documents as required. Money orders should be addressed correctly and meet the specified renewal fee.

Apply For A Renewal Using VisaHQ

Applying for renewal outside the US can be quite confusing, but you can avail of VisaHQ passport services. Just do the following.

  • Log onto VisaHQ

  • Head to the passport renewal section

  • Select your desired service

  • Complete the application form

  • Attach the necessary documents

  • Place the old passport and all documents into an envelope

  • Attach the service fee (Signed check/money order)

  • Seal the envelope and mail it to VisaHQ

Note that US passport renewal Atlanta by mail requires extra courier fees. For more information, visit VisaHQ’s passport service page.

Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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