US Passport Renewal in San Diego

Travellers who plan to take trips to foreign countries need to apply for a visa, and to do so, one of the most important documents required for visa processing is a US passport for American citizens. However, if your passport expires in less than six months, it will be rejected. In such a situation, you will need a US passport renewal San Diego.  Renewing your passport is no longer as stressful as it used to be, as the Department of State now allows for different options. Also, you can get the passport within six weeks or less if you request an expedited passport services.

Methods To Renew Your US Passport

As a US citizen living in San Diego or any US city, you can leverage the following methods to apply for a passport renewal.

Mail Renewal

Not too long ago, President Joe Biden of the US announced that Americans could mail in their applications for passport renewal, and the Department of State swung into action to make it so. Applicants eligible for passport renewal can simply fill out the DS-82 form and mail it to the Department of State alongside copies of their documents. 

However, note that the law does not allow passports belonging to minors to be renewed, and neither does a passport issued at a time when the applicant was under 16 qualify for renewal. That is why it is important to check your eligibility for a passport renewal before mailing your documents to the authorities.

Applicants in San Diego can mail their documents to the Department of State office using the United States Postal Service (USPS), and they can track their package using the special tracking number issued to them. The renewal by mail also requires courier costs for two-way delivery. As for the application fee, this must be paid with a signed money order or cheque addressed to the Department of State bearing the full application fee. Renewal by mail is open to US citizens within and outside the US.

Renewal In Person

The second option, which is also the traditional option, is the renewal in person. To utilize this option, you will have to book an appointment with the passport agency closest to you in your city. Once your appointment is approved, and a date is scheduled for you, do well to visit the agency’s office with your documents and completed application form to apply for the renewal. Everything is done at the agency's office, and you will be notified to pick up your passport once it is ready.

A Visit To The Embassy/Consulate

Citizens who live abroad may also apply for a renewal of their passports by visiting the US embassy or its consulate in their country of residence. With the help of official agents of the US government in the consulate, they can apply to have their passports renewed.

Expedited Service

The US Department of State allows for expedited service for those facing an emergency or special cases. If you need to travel at short notice, you can mail your documents via what is called Priority Mail Express to the Department of State for faster delivery which costs extra courier rates.

  In life-or-death situations, the Department can produce your passport within 72 hours, but you will need to visit any of its passport offices to apply for expedited processing. The officials will request proof of why you need the passport urgently, and if you convince them, one will be produced for you as quickly as possible. The US State Department charges an extra $60 for expedited processing.


Request For A Passport Service

You can request a US passport renewal service if you don’t live close to a passport agency or lack the time to visit one. A passport service like the one VisaHQ offers is also quite helpful for those living outside of the US. VisaHQ can help you review your documents and ensure they are in order before mailing them to the State Department for processing. To avail of VisaHQ’s passport service, visit the passport service page on VisaHQ to request this service.

How Much Is The US Passport Renewal San Diego Application Fee?

The application fee varies depending on what you apply for. Passport cards for land travel cost $30, while the passport booklet used for land, air and sea travel is $130. This sum does not include courier costs or expedited processing costs.

Documents Required For Passport Application Renewal

You will need to submit the following documents

  • Old/current passport

  • ID card like a driver's license

  • passport photos

  • Certificate of naturalization/birth certificate to prove citizenship

  • Money order/cheque for the application fee

  • Court documents for name change where applicable

These are the documents required for US passport renewal in San Diego.

Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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