Ds11 US passport application

The DS-11 US passport application form is an application form used to apply for new United States passports. This form is different from the DS-82 form used for passport renewal. When applying for a new passport, you must fill out this application form with sections containing questions for your details. DS-11 is the application form used to apply for passports for minors as well. Read on to learn more about the DS-11 passport application.

DS-11 Passport Application

The DS-11 application form was created and launched by the US government through the Department of State in 2013; the one in use today is the most current version. Applicants for new passports are advised to fill out the barcoded version of the form online using a Wizard, or they can also print it out, fill it out and sign it. 

The average US passport has 26 pages, but applicants may apply for a lather booklet with at least 52 pages which is often the best option for those traveling regularly.

Requirements To Apply For A New Passport

Here are the requirements to bear in mind if you want to apply for a new passport with the DS-11 application form.

First Time Applicant: The rule states that you must be a first-time applicant or you were never issued a passport when you were 16 or older. Those who hold passports under the age of 16 are classified as minors and do not qualify for a renewal, but a new passport since minors cannot renew passports.

Passport Older Than 15 Years: If you have an old passport, you must make sure that the passport was not issued to you more than 15 years ago. Passports older than 15 years old require a fresh application using the DS-11 application form, not the DS-82 form.

Lost or Stolen: You can apply for a fresh passport using the application form if your previous passport was stolen or you lost it.

How To Fill Out The DS-11 US Passport Application Form

You can fill out the DS-11 US application form in one of two ways.

By Hand: The first option is to fill it out by hand. This will involve you printing out the application form, filling it out, and signing it with a pen. This is the simplest method, but you will have to print out several copies in case you in make a mistake with one copy.

Passport Wizard: The second option is to use a passport wizard to fill out online forms. This wizard is provided by the Department of State using an operational 2D barcoded form. After filling out the form with the application wizard, you can print it out and attach other relevant documents to it for submission.

The good news is that the application form is printable regardless of whether you fill it out by hand or with an online wizard.

Documents Required For A New Passport

When applying for a new passport, you must attach some documents to the DS 11 application form. Here are the documents you will need.

Proof of Citizenship: You will need to prove that you are a US citizen using a naturalization certificate, driver’s license, or birth certificate. Please note that a US Social Security Number is not proof of citizenship.

Photograph: You must provide two copies of your passport photos that meet the requirements of the Department of State.  

Service Fee: An application service fee must be paid to process your application for a new passport. This fee is payable to the Department of State.

DS11 US Passport Processing Time

When you submit your application for a new passport, do not expect to receive the new passport immediately, as it takes time. The processing time may take up to 7-10 weeks before you get your new passport. However, you can apply for expedited processing to speed things up.

Expedited Processing

Those who expedite their application must pay extra fees to get their passport within the next few days. Expedited processing is for those who need to travel within the next 14-30 days.  

Where To Apply For A New Passport

You must visit a passport Agency in your city to apply for apply for a new passport. The good news is that there are passport agencies and centers of the Department of State all over the country. You must take your completed application form and other documents to the facility for processing. For more inquiries, contact the agency in your city for more information. Parents can also apply for a new passport with the DS-11 US passport application form, but there are other sets of documents they must include.

Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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