US Passport Renewal in Chicago

Due to the large amount of information circulating on the internet about US passport renewal Chicago, many people are confused about how to renew their soon-to-expire or expired passports. With different sources publishing conflicting information about the renewal processing, it is normal to have a tough time making a decision on which source to follow. On this page, we want to provide you with all the information and details you will need to renew your passport in due time so your planned trip can go on as scheduled.

US Passport Renewal

The passport renewal process can be complicated if you don’t understand the process. Those applying for a passport for the first time don’t need a passport renewal service; rather, they need to apply for a new passport.

US passports are valid for 10 years and issued to citizens 16 years and older, while 5 years passports are issued to minors under 16 years. Once the passport expires, it can be renewed, but US law doesn’t allow the renewal of passports for minors. Also, stolen or missing passports cannot be renewed as the applicant doesn’t have any passport to put forward for renewal, so they will have to apply for a fresh passport.

Passport Renewal Eligibility

These are the conditions an applicant must meet to get their passport renewed.

Not older than 15 years: The passport about to be renewed must not be older than 15 years. This means that as of the day of submitting the renewal application, the passport must be under 15 years old.

Not For Minors: The applicant must not be a minor; anybody below the age of 16 is classified as a minor, so if the passport was issued when the applicant was 16 years and under, it could not be renewed.

It Must Not Be Deformed: The passport must not be deformed; otherwise, it will not be renewed. A tattered passport or disfigured passport does not qualify for renewal.

Is It Possible To Renew A US Passport Online?

It is possible to renew it online, but the online process is still testing. In December 2021, the President of the US, Joe Biden, signed an executive order to make it possible for US citizens to renew their passports through a secure portal. The platform received 25,000 applications to test the process, but it has been closed and still undergoing treatment in the testing phase. Hopefully, online applications will be open to the general public soon.

How To Renew Your US Passport?

You can renew your US passport using any of the following means;

In Person: The traditional method of renewing a US passport is to visit any passport agency of the Department of State; to do so, you have to book an appointment with the agency online or through a phone call and a date with be scheduled for you. At the agency, your documents will be accepted and your date captured. Within 6-8 weeks, your passport will be ready.

By Mail: The second option is to apply by mail using USPS if you live within the US and any other reputable courier service if you live abroad. This process involves packaging your documents into a secure envelope and mailing them to the State Department for renewal. You must pay the courier cost and include the application fee in the package in the form of a signed cheque or money order. Subsequently, you can track your package using a designated tracking number issued to you.

Embassy/Consulate: Citizens living abroad can approach the US embassy or consular office in the country they live in to apply for a passport renewal. Embassy officials can provide the support needed to complete the process.

Use A Passport Service: If you want to avoid the stress or the possibility of making a mistake, you can use a passport service like the one VisaHQ offers. You can mail your documents to VisaHQ, and they will arrange them and ensure that they meet all the requirements before mailing them to the State Department on your behalf. Visit VisaHQ’s passport service page at VisaHQ to learn more.

US Passport Renewal Requirements

Here are the renewal requirements

Form: You must complete the DS-82 renewal application form. The form must also be signed by you and attached to other documents.

Proof of Citizenship: You can include the old passport or ID card to prove your citizenship. Naturalized citizens can provide their certificate of naturalization.

Old Passport: The old passport must be provided.

Application Fee: A signed money order or cheque addressed to the State Department must be included.

Change of Name: If your name has changed for any reason, you must present legal documents to validate the name change.

Photograph: A recent coloured passport photograph on white background.

These are the documents you need for a US passport renewal in Chicago.

Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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