US Passport Renewal time

What is the US passport renewal time once you have submitted the application form for a new passport? This is a piece of important information to be aware of if you have plans to travel in the coming weeks or months. Many applicants make the mistake of submitting their application very late, and the new passport is not released on time for them to make the trip. To avoid trip cancellations and unwanted delays, we review renewal times below so you can better plan your trip accordingly.

Applying For A New Passport

Did you plan to go for a trip only to discover at some point that your passport is about to expire? Or perhaps it already has, and you will need a new passport; otherwise, you will not be able to travel. Most countries don’t accept visa applications made with passports that expire in less than 6 months, so if you find yourself in such a situation, you are in a bind; you definitely need to apply for passport renewal as quickly as possible.

However, applying for a passport renewal is one thing; getting the passport delivered to you in time is another. So how long does it take to get a new passport?

US Passport Renewal Time

What is the passport renewal timeframe?

Routine Application: For a routine application, it will take between 6-9 weeks, while expedited applications take between 3-5 weeks. If you choose to use an expedited agency like VisaHQ, you can get your passport in 14 days. Furthermore, the application process will also determine the processing timeline. If you mail your application and documents to the Department of State, it will take a longer time to get the passport than if you applied to the local consulate in the country where you reside or a passport services outfit.

Passports For Minors

If you want to apply for a passport renewal for your child, you should be aware of the conditions. If the passport was issued when the child was under 17 years of age, such a passport is considered a minor’s passport and cannot be renewed: rather, what you should apply for is a new passport on their behalf. However, if the passport was issued to them within the last 15 years and remains undamaged, it can be renewed.

Expedited Time For Passport Renewal: Use A Passport Agency

The average time it takes to get your passport if you submit your application to the US consulate or Department of State is 8-10 weeks. During peak seasons, the delay may take longer, especially during spring and summer when many US citizens enjoy traveling. Submitting your application form during such periods will lead to extended delays. However, there is a workaround for such delays if you use expedited processing services like the one offered by passport renewal agencies.

 Third Party Agency

A third party Agency is a specialist company that provides advisory and support services to applicants who wish to renew their passports on time. They can handle the entire process on your behalf while you rest easy and await your new passport. They spot errors in your application that may cause delays and ensure that all the required documents are included in the application package. They also ensure that your application gets to the authorities on time.

If you want to apply for a renewal in an expedited time, here are the steps to take

  • Visit VisaHQ

  • Navigate to the passport renewal page

  • Enter the service you want

  • Print out and complete the application form

  • Attach all necessary documents

  • Load them into a secured envelope

  • Include the service fee (money order/signed check)

  • Seal it and mail it to the VisaHQ mailing address

Kindly note that there is an extra fee for this service which is separate from the processing fee charged by the Department of State. This fee is charged by the agency for their expedited service and ranges from $60 and above.

US Passport Renewal Requirements

Only applicants who submit their applications with the required documents will get a new passport. Here are the requirements.

  • The applicant must be a US citizen with a Citizenship certificate or certificate of naturalization to prove it.

  • They must prove their identity by providing an old passport with a valid driver’s license issued no later than 6 months prior if their old passport is missing or mutilated.

  • Parents of minors must present the above documents to prove their citizenship, including a birth certificate to prove their guardianship.

  • The application fee must be paid in any form approved by the authorities.

In the case of a name change, a divorce certificate, marriage certificate, or court order must be presented as proof.

On average, the US passport renewal time is between 8-10 weeks, but you can apply for expedited processing to hasten the process.

Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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