How long is a U.S. adult passport valid for?

How long is a US adult passport valid for? This page contains general information about the US passport for adult citizens of the United States of America. Read it until the end to learn more.

Holding A US Passport

When a passport is issued to you, it remains valid for up to 10 years. This means you can board flights with it, cross borders, apply for visas, and even use it as a general means of identification for a very long time. However, time flies, and a moment arrives when it dawns on you that the passport is about to expire with a year or less remaining. For many Passport holders, they do not even realize until the passport has only a few months left or has already expired; this is common among those who hardly travel.

It Is only then they begin to run around for a new passport. Sadly enough, many countries do not allow foreigners into their countries if their passport has less than six months' validity. This is a regulation of many countries worldwide, not the US. However, you are allowed to enter a few countries even if your passport has less than six months to go, including Canada and Mexico.

How Long Is A US Adult Passport Valid For?

A US adult passport is valid for ten years from the day it is issued and can be renewed after it expires or a few months before it expires. However, passports issued to individuals below the age of 16 are only valid for five years and cannot be renewed even though it expires when the holder is already an adult. There are two forms of US passports; the passport booklet and the passport card. The passport booklet and card have the same validity, but the card can only be used for border trips by land and not for flight trips. Also, the card is not accepted by most seaports around the globe, only ports within North America. But you can use a passport card to fly to Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Renewal Conditions For A US Passport

Adult passports can be renewed, but there are certain conditions the holder must meet to qualify for a renewal. We review these conditions below.

The Passport Must Not Be Limited: The current passport must not be limited by the authorities. When a passport is limited for whatever reason, there are limitations placed on it for a time so it can be renewed even after it expires.

The Passport Must Be In Good Condition: Only US passports in good condition can be renewed. Damaged and mutilated passports cannot be renewed.

The Passport Must Be Issued When Holder is 16 Years and Older: The passport presented for renewal must have been issued to the holder when they were 16 years and older. If they were below 16, it could not be renewed.

The Passport Must Be Presented: The passport must be presented for renewal. Stolen or Lost passports cannot be renewed.

Reasons Why You May Want To Renew Your US Passport

Even though your passport remains valid, there are different reasons you may want to renew your US passport.

Few Blank Pages: You may want to renew your passport if you are a frequent traveler and you have very few blank pages left on the passport for visa stickers and immigration stamps. You may apply for a larger 58-page booklet before the current one expires or is exhausted.

Wear and Tear: If you notice that your current passport is losing shape, you may apply for a new one before it is damaged beyond recognition.

Less Than 6 Months Left: Assuming you plan to apply for a visa or travel out of the country soon, you may decide to apply for another passport since the foreign embassy will not accept your current passport for a visa application.

Name Change: Another reason you may want to apply for a renewal despite having a valid passport is if your name has changed and you want your new name to appear on your passport.

These are some reasons you may want to apply for a new passport despite having a valid one.

What Do You Need For To Renew Your Passport?

  • Completed DS-82 application form

  • Current Passport

  • Passport photo

  • Application fee

  • Other supporting documents, where applicable

These are the documents you will need to submit to the passport agency.

If you have a busy schedule and cannot make it to the passport agency, you can mail your documents to them using VisaHQ passport service. Just mail your documents to us, and we will ensure they get Tor he agency in good condition according to application guidelines. How long is a adult US passport valid for? It is valid for ten years.

Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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