US Passport Renewal in Seattle

US citizens with the intention to travel abroad require valid passports to apply for visas, board flights, and enter other countries as legal visitors. Unfortunately, the common trend for many is to apply for US passport renewal Seattle when they realize their passport is only a few months from expiring. At this point, panic sets in as they seek ways to apply for and obtain a new passport as quickly as possible so they can embark on their trip.

If your passport has expired or is about to expire, you can apply for a new one as long as you meet certain conditions. Not every US citizen can apply for a passport renewal; if you have never held a passport before, you can apply for one instead of seeking renewal.

Conditions For Passport Renewal

Based on government legislation, a US citizen may apply for a passport renewal only if the following conditions are met.

16 years and above: The applicant seeking the passport renewal must have been at least 16 years old when the current passport they are looking to renew was issued to them. Passport renewals are not for minors under 16 years of age.

Not older than 15 years: The passport they are seeking to renew must not be older than 15 years old. Holders of older passports must apply for a fresh passport instead.

Same Name: The new passport they want must have the same name as the old passport. If there will be a name change, they must provide a legal document to back the name change.

Good condition: Mutilated passports cannot be accepted for renewal, only passports in good condition.

These are the conditions applicants must meet to get a renewed passport. If you cannot meet any of these conditions, you can apply for a fresh passport.

US Passport Renewal Seattle

You can renew your passport in Seattle using any of these options.

By Mail: One of the most popular options open to applicants is the renewal by mail option. This option allows you to mail your documents to the State Department’s agency in Seattle or any other passport agency, for that matter, instead of visiting the facility in person. You must package your documents, seal them in an envelope, and mail them through the United States Postal Service to the passport facility. Renewal by mail also requires a two-way postage fee for mailing your documents to the passport agency and receiving the new passport.

Embassy: US citizens in other countries may also renew their passports from abroad by simply visiting the US consulate in their host countries if they are able to. Embassy officials will advise them on the requirements and steps to renew their expired passport or soon-to-expire passports.

Passport Agency: The third option is visiting a Seattle passport office. This facility is operated by the Department of State across the country. However, you have to book an appointment before you can visit. Officials will send you a scheduled date which you must honor. The Seattle passport agency will take your documents from you and capture your details. The passport will be mailed to you at a future date, or you can be invited to pick it up.

US Passport Renewal Processing

Passport renewals take 7-10 weeks on average. The time starts counting when the passport facility receives your documents.

Documents Required To Renew Your Passport

Proof of citizenship: You must provide a document to prove your citizenship, such as your current passport, ID card, birth certificate, or certificate of naturalization.

Passport: The previous passport must be presented.

Fee: A money order or signed cheque paid to the Department of State for processing. The cheque or money order must be signed twice in front and at the back.

Passport photos: A clear passport photograph

Form: A completed and signed DS-82 application form bearing all your details.

How Much Is The Application Cost?

The application costs $130 for a passport booklet and $30 for a passport card. While the former can be used for land, air, and sea travel, the latter can only be used for land trips.

Expedited Service

There is a provision for applicants who need to make emergency trips. These trips are life-or-death trips, so you can order an expedited service. However, you need to book an appointment with the passport office and appear in person to explain why you must travel in a few days or weeks. 

Expedited renewals take between 3 days to 3 weeks, as the case may be, but you will have to pay an extra $60 for the service.

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Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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